Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Mission to Massachusetts: For Those Who Wait

Fireflight In Action
This Is For Those Who Wait. This is the second time I have head this screamed in concert, and it is by far one of the most dramatic openings for a band ever. The second time at the same venue in a year, Fireflight consistently puts out a top notch show. If you read my post of their visit last October as part of the For Those Who Wait Tour, you will recall that my biggest gripe was that whoever worked the sound board was falling down on the job because I couldn't hear lead singer Dawn Michele at all.

The Lovely and Talented Dawn Michele
Now the sound was improved this time. It wasn't perfect. There were a few times I couldn't pick up her words, but because I knew the song, I knew what they were. Those times were fewer and far between. Now apart from the backing of NRT, not much had changed. They did bring in a big time talent to work the sound board though -- none other than the Chick-fil-a cow. (There was a medium sized stuffed cow sitting on top of the board).
Part of "The Mission", and another excuse to post a picture of Dawn
I know some of you are thinking I've got a crush on Dawn Michele. No, I don't. I know a good looking girl when I see her though. Besides, I favor brunettes.

Even though Fireflight would be severely diminished without Dawn at lead, there is more to Fireflight than her. There has been a change in the lineup, and the job of maintaining the building shaking bass drums has been passed from Phee Shorb to Adam McMillion. The Building Still Shook, so the drumstick has been passed successfully.

A Picture is Worth a McMillion Words
And, like Skillet, Fireflight is a "Two Chick Band". See my previous post Chicks Who Rock for a video of For Those Who Wait. In addition to Dawn on Lead we have background vocalist and Bass Guitarist Wendy Drennen (wife of Lead Guitarist Glenn Drennen). Wendy is a good rock name (anybody heard of Wendy Kaiser of REZ).

Wendy Drennen Rockin the Bass Guitar
Fireflight Kept the Crowd Stomping Jumping and Screaming with a full set. Musically again we went from For Those Who Wait to Unbreakable with everything in between. The Ten song set once again made me think, "Why aren't they the final act?". It's hard to fathom how these guys could have gone five years without getting played on the radio. (Actually, when you think of the small mindedness of Christian Music Radio, maybe it's not). Could anything top this. It might take some Crazy Love. And I Do Mean CRAZY. To be continued...I am Awaiting Your Reply.