Friday, September 2, 2011

Get In, I'm Driving

Good Music is Easy to Find

Get in I'm DrivingI don't know why that phrase terrifies me (Kidding). Maybe because the person who picked this title for her new CD, Ginny Owens, Is Legally Blind. Of course that doesn't mean that she can't sing. The girl can sing. In some respects the album reminds me of Lara Landon's Closer. There are some definite Torch Singer possibilities here, though not as many as Landon.

Still, this is an impressive album. Get In, I'm Driving is forty-two minutes of exquisite vocals. There are rock voices, soul voices, Gospel voices, but rarely is there an artist that can sing whatever he or she wants to sing and carry it off to perfection.  We are Blessed in today's market considering there are Three that I know (Landon, Owens, and Crystal Lewis) who can carry this off. Some of my favorites are Better That Waythe title cut, and The Song.  The Album doesn't come out until September 13, but you can Preorder Through The Night Beat.

The track listing:
  1. Get in I'm Driving
  2. Mystery of Grace
  3. Before You Fly
  4. Rain
  5. Joined at the Heart
  6. Better Off
  7. Lay it Down
  8. Higher Ground
  9. Daughter of Destiny
  10. Better That Way
  11. The Song

Quick Review and Listening Options

This week you can catch the entire album Streaming at New Release Tuesday. The Album fits in the Pop category for most of the songs, so that is where it will go. I really don't have a torch song category. I am giving the CD 4.75 Emeralds. It is near vocal perfection with minimal instrumentation. Mostly piano, and some strings. Next Tuesday Hearifirst is giving an Album Release Party. That's September 6 at 8 p.m. Eastern Time. Now they like to do things a little early since most lists have the album out the 13th.