Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Great Night Beat Affiliate Search...

(Or I'm-A-Gone Amazon). Actually as the voice on my currently on the fritz iBook likes to say "It's not my fault". I don't know if being a pawn in a great war for economic freedom is comforting or not, but it's a fact.

Let me fill in the blanks here. Over the past week I have been frustrated by the fact that my once ever present Amazon Affiliate widget wasn't working. Now since I started The Night Beat partially as a money making opportunity, being cut off from a major possible source of revenue is distressing. Oh Well, I still have google AdSense.

As to it not being my fault. From what I can gather, it all started when the State of California imposed an internet tax on all internet orders in California. Now Amazon is a California Company as well, so they took it extemely poorly and shut down the Amazon Associates accounts of all bloggers in California. Well Google, also in California, in a solidarity move with Amazon, has disabled the Amazon Associate Widgets on its Blogger Platform for all Bloggers. So, for those of us who were hoping for extra cash through Amazon, we're screwed.

I am looking for an Affiliate to replace Amazon. Right Now I am thinking of Christian Book Distributors. They're a Bay State Company, and right now Massachusetts hasn't imposed an internet Tax unless a business has a brick and mortar store in Massachusetts (So CBD, which is in Peabody, and L.L. Bean, which has a store in Burlington, get charged tax on taxable items). Thing is, looking over the affiliate program requirements, they want a guarantee that I can steer $250/yr in sales their way. Since the average CD there costs $10, that would only be 25 CD's a year, that's 2 a month.

What do you think. I would appreciate your help on this. Do you have any Ideas as to possible affiliates which would be a good fit for The Night Beat? As always, I am Awaiting Your Reply.