Monday, September 26, 2011

Mission To Massachusetts: Part One

MWAM: Shrewsbury Edition
Wow. What a Night. The Music With A Mission Tour Rolled Through Central Massachusetts Last Night. For CCM fans of all stripes, this was an event not to be missed, and I would have you know, right up until Friday afternoon, I thought I would have to miss it, but everything worked out in the end. In my Quick Post written just before I left I just used the promotional poster and listed all the bands for the tour. Chasen, Manafest, and according to my ticket at least, B. Reith wasn't at this stop. That's not to say it wasn't a rocking night. The lineup for the night (in order of appearance) was Samestate, Kiros, Superchick, Hyland, Benjah, Mikeschair, Fireflight, and Hawk Nelson. For those playing the International Game, That's USA 6 Canada 2. That would be a cool score for a hockey game. (More on the hockey reference later). If things look a little fuzzy or red, I apologize in advance. I think I got the auto-focus figured out, but concert light wreak havoc with lighting sensors.

One of the bands on this tour, Fireflight, was at this same Venue (Liberty Churches, Shrewsbury, MA) Last October as Part of the For those Who Wait Tour. That was a penny-ante production compared to MWAM. MWAM Was full of Glitz and glitter, due mostly to the fact that it was orchestrated by New Release Tuesday. Before each act there was a video speel announcing them as coming soon. The energy and anticipation was sky high.

In the Samestate, unless they're not
 Newcomers Samestate opened the evening. I had the chance to preview their EP earlier in the year and they're pretty good. Pretty much straight ahead Rock and Roll. As newcomers to the scene they did a quick three song set, and went off the stage. It was their job to get the mood going in both directions and they did a good job. They told the crowd they couldn't stay around long as the next day they were opening for Switchfoot. Now that struck me as unintentionally funny, Samestate-Different State.

Kiros Loves the Bruins
 Kiros Was Next. For those not in the know it's pronounced KEYE-ros.  They proceeded to endear themselves to the local audience by giving shoutouts to our Stanley Cup Champion Boston Bruins. Since these guys are from Clagary they are ostensibly Calgary Flames fans, but they say they "Also root for whoever is playing the Canucks." I mmust confess that, being a Bruins Fan, I was unaware of this anti-Canuck sentiment. We usually save our emotions for the Montreal Canadiens (or Les Habs). As to the music, I would probably classify Kiros as Heavy Metal, but in a 80's metal style, not the metal-core prevalent today.

After two opening acts it was time for the first headliner. I say first because the night had Three Legitimate Headline acts. Again, hats off to Soulfest and NRT for this scheduling miracle. Samestate and Kiros both played a 3-4 song set, and then Superchick took over for headline act #1. I'm trying to recollect things here afterward, but I would say we got seven songs from Superchick.

Tricia Brock: The Original Superchick
 What can I say about Superchick? Garage Band to Super Band, I became a fan right off the bat while working for Sparrow Records at Soulfest back in 2000. That was when Tricia was still singing through a megaphone. Seven Albums later, they are one of the best know supergroups out there. Tricia can belt out rock (One Girl Revolution, Rock What You Got) as easily as a haunting ballad (We Live, Stand in the Rain), and even does a good worship set as well (You are My Shepherd, Always, from The Road).

Hey, Hey! Melissa takes the lead
Though Tricia is the lead, Lead Vocals on a few songs were either shared or done outright by Tricia's sister Melissa (who is also Guitarist). After the worship set we were set for the first intermission, but first, co-sponsors Compassion International had a presentation. Melissa talked about her mission trip to Uganda, and her experience with real poverty. She talked of 10x10 "houses" which were "made literally of garbage". When you hear of things like this you realize we have no poor in The United States.

Tricia With a Fan during Intermission
 A short intermission was next, and there were still five more acts to come.

I was running back and forth through the auditorium during the concert and have plenty more photos to share. I think they thought I was a media photographer, and in one sense I am. Since I have a lot more to share I am making a multiple post effort of it, so stay with me. As always, I am Awaiting Your Reply.