Friday, August 22, 2014

MVM Special Edition: #PlatVnyl4 - Electronic/Industrial Video of The Year

We begin the second half of the genre based videos in #PlatVnyl4. First up is the hard sibling of Dance/Synthpop, which we at Night Beat HQ have dubbed Electronic/Industrial Video of The Year. You can check out Adult Contemporary, Alternative, Pop, and Dance by clicking on the highlighted genres.

The five nominated videos and their artists are: Believe by +The Digital Age ; Faith Facing The Dark by Josh White; Guns for Hands by +twenty one pilots ; Somewhere To Hide and Waiting Alone by +SHINY TOY GUNS (A two-fer). You can check out the videos at the nomination post.

Maybe it was the double nominee that made things inevitable. Maybe it was the pure creep out factor. I don't know. What is sure is that when the votes were counted and certified, the winner of the #PlatVnyl4 Electronic/Industrial Video of The Year is Waiting Alone
Hip Hop is next. Until then, I am Awaiting Your Reply.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

MVM Special Edition: #PlatVnyl4 - Dance/Synthpop Video of The Year

We have reached the fourth of eight Genre based Video Awards. Once we have awarded the Dance/Synthpop Video of The Year, this portion of #Platvnyl4 will be half over. For those who haven't been keeping pace with the awards so far, click on the highlighted genres to see the results for Adult Contemporary, Alternative, and Pop.

The five nominated videos came from all over the dance world, though one might have slipped in from hip hop. You just never know. Anyway, the five nominees are: Battery by +V ROSE ; Gold by +Britt NicoleGOLD ; I Don't Deserve You by +Paul van Dyk feat Plumb ; Solar System Remix by +Har Megiddo feat +Michael Ketterer ; and WHTVR by +Allistair Music .  You can check out the nominated videos and artists at the nomination page for the category.

Har Megiddo was really good, but the video was fairly old. While I really was rooting for Plumb, in the end the Hip Hop crossover won. The #PlatVnyl4 winner for Dance/Synthpop Video of The Year is Battery by V.Rose

Like I said, we have reached the halfway mark of the #PlatVnyl4 Video Awards. Next up is the electronic sibling of Synthpop, Electronic/Industrial Album of The Year. Until next time, I am Awaiting Your Reply.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

MVM Special Edition: #PlatVnyl4 - Pop Video of The Year

Our third category in the #PlatVnyl4 Video Awards is that of Pop Video of The Year. The five nominated videos came from a wide swath of the Pop Genre. In fact, some might make a case that a few of the videos might not qualify as pop. You can catch our first two categories, which were Adult Contemporary and Alternative Video by clicking on the highlighted links.

The nominees, which you can watch at the nomination post, are: Beautiful Love by +ShineBrightBaby ; Love Walked In by +The Sonflowerz ; Loved by +JJHellermusic ; Still Into You by +Paramore ; and Wanted by +Dara Maclean .

Like Alternative, this category actually went into a second round of voting. The judging panel decided to go with the spirit of Pop Music, which is all about having fun. So the second round was between Shine Bright Baby and Paramore, and when it came down to the final vote it was all about which band had the most fun.

And the winner of Pop Video of The Year for #PlatVnyl4 is Still Into You by Paramore.

Three categories have been awarded, and there are 5 more to go. (There are actually a few more then that, but they will be pushed into the regular award show). Up next is the award for the first of the Electronic Categories, that of Dance/Synthpop Video of The Year. Until next time, I am Awaiting Your Reply.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

MVM Special Edition: #PlatVnyl4 - Alternative Video of The Year

The Video Awards have begun. To see the results for our first award, click on the link. 

Our second award is Alternative Video of The Year. This category had some  top notch talent and one newcomer that is going to rock the charts very soon. Our nominees were: Believer by Audio Adrenaline; Bombs Away by +Jonathan Thulin ; I Am Mountain by +Gungor Band ; K.I.D.S. by +Farah Loux ; and Unstable by +Anberlin . You can see the announcement post and the nominated videos at the link.

This award took a little extra time to pick, due to the fact that Anberlin decided to make Lowborn its swan song. Multiple watching of the nominated videos were needed to clear any biased emotions, but in the end the decision was unanimous. The winner of the #PlatVnyl4 Alternative Video of The Year was Unstable.
Our next category is Pop Video of The Year. Until next time, I am Awaiting Your Reply.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Music Video Monday: #PlatVnyl4 - Adult Contemporary Video of The Year

The time has come. We will begin our Awards Celebration for this years Platinum Vinyl Awards with the Video Awards segment. Then we will progress to the Album and Song Awards, with the general field sprinkled throughout.

Our first Video Award is Adult Contemporary/Inspirational Video of The Year. If we had a pretty music star to announce the awards. She would say that our nominees are: A City On A Hill by +thecityharmonic ;

Love Does by +Brandon Heath ; Promises by +Sanctus Real ; Sing of Your Glory by +Bebo Norman ; and Swallow The Ocean by Newsong. I won't bother putting up all 5 videos this time. If you wish to see them you can go to the announcement post by clicking on the link.

This was a tough category. All the songs are inspirational in nature, all of them easy to listen to. So they fit the category. It all came down to the video portion of the award. The Best Video of the bunch won.

The #PlatVnyl4 Winner of Adult Contemporary/Inspirational Video of The Year belongs to The City Harmonic and City on A Hill

We will continue our Video Awards all this week as a series of MVM Special Editions. The Awards will also be announced via our Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ pages, so keep it locked both here and there so you wont miss anything. Until next time, I am Awaiting Your Reply.

Friday, August 15, 2014

A Classic Replay: Flashback Friday: Would You Like Fries With Your Mannaburger?

We've moved past the Jungle Music Skit here at The Night Beat as we work on Classic Replays of Flashback Friday. We are still in the 70's, which is a treasure trove of Classic Music. It was the Jesus Music era, after all.

We're still stuck in the Seventies here at The Night Beat, though we have finished with the Jungle Music skit. The Eighties may have been CCM's Golden Age, but it's birth came in the Seventies, give or take a few years.

Part of the fun of the early CCM era came because a few of the top acts were somewhat certifiable, or at least came with a very twisted sense of humor. Now in the eighties Steve Taylor pretty much ran away with the title of Clown Prince (or is it Clone Prince), but at the start there were two, and as good fortune would have it they are united in a group of three which we will discuss in our next series of Flashback Friday posts.

Our trio happens to be CCM Legends Keith Green, Randy Stonehill, and Phil Keaggy. They all came together through one song, Love Broke Through. The song was written by Stonehill and Green, along with another person, Todd Fishkind, and was famously recorded by Keaggy. Just to make things certain, Stonehill and Green were the demented ones, and that made them all the more loved.

We are going to start with Keith Green, if only because he is the only one of the three which is no longer with us.

Keith Green (October 21, 1953 - July 28, 1982) was a musical prodigy. According to his bio on Wikipedia he had learned the Ukulele by age 3, the guitar by 5 and the piano by 7. Don't get depressed. By the age of 11 he had already written 40 Songs and was on the verge of being signed by DECCA as a teen idol. Of Jewish Heritage and raised in a Christian Science background, Green became a Christian in 1972 and he and his wife Melody soon started a music ministry soon afterward.

Keith released Seven studio albums in his brief career. Actually, only four were released when he was alive For Him Who Has Ears To Hear (1977), No Compromise (1978), So You Wanna Go Back To Egypt (1980) and Songs For The Shepherd (1982). His wife Melody released another three albums posthumously, though these were originals and not best of's. I Only Want to See You There (1983), The Prodigal Son (1983) and Jesus Commands Us To Go (1984) rounded out the list.

I am going to give you three video treats to introduce you to this great musician, who was taken from us tragically way before his time, in a plane crash in 1982, at the tender age of 29. It's hard to believe he would only be 61 this fall. I will start with the song that united Keaggy, Stonehill and Green, Love Broke Through.

We will go next to He'll Take Care of the Rest, which shows why Keith was often compared to Elton John in style.

And finally, to confirm what I said about slightly certifiable, this is So You Wanna Go Back to Egypt.

That concludes this edition of Flashback Friday. We will return next Friday with the second artist of the triad, Randy Stonehill. Until next time, I am Awaiting Your Reply.

Oh, by the way. To answer the question posed in the title. For forty years the answer would have been "what else is there? It would have been the manna burger with manna fries and a manna shake. Possibly out of the great mercy of God, nobody was allowed to super-size.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Music Video Monday: All I Have

Welcome back to our regularly scheduled edition of Music Video Monday. Every week we endeavor to bring you the best Music Videos in Christian Music, as well as the GRAC arena.

We begin this week with Colton Dixon. The former American Idol star is back with his second album, out on the 19th. From Anchor, this is More of You.
Next up we have the rapper Swoope, and he's dishing out some LSD. No worries though, I'm told it stands for Lust, Sin, Death.

And finally, we go to another rapper, this one simply known as NF. This is All I Have.
That does it for this edition of Music Video Monday. I am currently working on awarding the Video Awards for this years Platinum Vinyl Awards. I will keep you posted on the results, but right now the plan is to begin the video postings next Monday. We shall see. Until next time, I am Awaiting Your Reply.