Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Warm Tones: The 2012 4th Quarter - Pop

We come to Pop Music as we continue with the announcement of the 4th Quarter 2012 Releases which made the initial pool of entrants for the 2012 Platinum Vinyl Awards. A handful (that's five for those of you in Rio Linda) of entrants made the pool. As few as one or as many as three of these will make the finals.

Poema's full length debut got a perfect 5 Emeralds from The Night Beat, so they are in to the finals. They may be joined by Annie Moses Band and newcomer Marlene Brehm, which fell just short of perfection at 4.75 Emeralds. They have a great shot. Chris August had a much better release this time than No Far Away, but in a crowded field, I don't think he will make the final list. Next up is Hip Hop and Rap. Until next time, I am Awaiting Your Reply.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Warm Tones: The 2012 4th Quarter - Alternative

Today we tackle the biggest genre of the 4th Quarter, Alternative. A whopping seventeen releases made the minimum bar of eligibility. Remember that we will have to narrow down things to hopefully, seven. Not likely. This genre will have to be expanded in order to be fair.
Whew. That takes a lot of work to type. The last four genres are a lot lighter, though with 5 to 7 entries each, they each can support a category on its own. Until next time, when I will announce Pop, I am Awaiting Your Reply.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Music Video Monday: Don't Have Love

Welcome to the latest edition of Music Video Monday, where we say share the greatest music videos in Christian Music. Today we begin the first quarter of the 2013 Eligibility Year.

We will begin with a video which I will probably replay during the Christmas Season in my Christmas Video post. This is an animated video by Alt-Metal band August Burns Red. Christmas Snow and a Christmas Sled. This is Flurries.

Holly Starr released a new album entitled Focus on October 2. In anticipation of the release Starr released a music video for the single Don't Have Love.

The Glorious Unseen continues with the Love theme with Harp in My Heart from their October 9 release, Lovesick.

And we conclude this Music Video Monday with Shiny Toy Guns and Fading Listening. This is a precious video featuring some great kids.

That concludes this edition of Music Video Monday. Since we are all caught up, things may get a little erratic at MVM. I will be waiting on the new releases. Until next time, I am Awaiting Your Reply.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Warm Tones: The 2012 4th Quarter - Dance

We continue with the announcement, genre by genre, of those albums which made the cut for the initial pool of the Platinum Vinyl Awards in the 4th Quarter, which is July 1-September 30. The full eligibility year for each PVA is October 1-September 30.

Today we move on to the Dance genre, which includes techno, synthpop, ambient, house, progressive, trance and industrial. Basically everything that revolves around a synthesizer. This was a very good category this quarter, with eleven nominees. Since I hope to narrow the choices in each genre down to seven finalists, you see this means I have work to do. Without further ado, the initial dance pool entrants for the Fourth Quarter are:
  • Abandoned Pools - Sublime Currency
  • Anchor and Braille - The Quiet Life
  • An Epic No Less - Echo of Love
  • Capital Kings - I Feel So Alive
  • Group 1 Crew - Fearless
  • Andy Hunter - Glow
  • Mandisa - Get Movin
  • Owl City - The Midsummer Station
  • Satellites and Sirens - The Covers
  • Beckah Shae - Rest
  • White Collar Sideshow - The WitcHunt
Like I said, this quarter alone furnished enough entries and more, and there are three other quarters of entries. A lot of work to do on this one. Our next genre, however, is Alternative, and that is the king of the 4th Quarter, with a whopping seventeen possible entries. This genre will cause quite a lot of sour grapes. Until next time, I am Awaiting Your Reply.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Flashback Friday: Beyond These Shores

We begin the third cycle of our new Flashback Friday format. For those new to The Night Beat, we are rotating between three themes. The Industrial Revolution, A Real Alternative, and The Commonwealth of CCM. The latter is out starting point, and it is where we once again are. This theme is exploring those bands of the past and present which hail from the British Commonwealth.

Sometimes one instrument isn't enough. The multi-instrumentalist of today is usually a one man band (think Aaron Gillespie of The Almost of Bryce Avary of The Rocket Summer). When in the recording studio these artists can play all the instruments themselves, and usually do. To tour, however, they need to hire a road band.

The multi-instrumentalists in mind for today's post are all in a band, and all of them play multiple instruments. Think Mannheim Steamroller without the Christmas Music and you've got an idea. Formed in 1989 in England and named for the Island of IONA, they released their debut way back in 1990 and are still, technically, active. The core of the band is a trio
  • Dave Bainbridge - Piano, Keyboards, Fretless Keyboard, Acoustic and Electric Guitar, Keyboard and Sequencer Programming, Tambourine
  • Dave Fitzgerald - Alto and Tenor Saxophone, Concert Flute, Chinese Flute, Piccolo, Flageolet, Irish Whistle, Tenor Recorder
  • Joanne Hogg - Vocals, Vocal Choir, Piano, Keyboards
Hogg and company (the O is long as in boat) filled out the band with an additional six players, giving the band the feel of a Celtic Orchestra. The band history can be split into two periods, Public and Private. In the public phase, which lasted from 1989-2000, the band put out seven albums in 10 years, a pretty amazing feat considering the nature of the songs. This isn't your standard rock fare.
  • Iona (1990)
  • The Book Of Kells (1992)
  • Beyond These Shores (1993)
  • Journey into the Morn (1995)
  • Heaven's Bright Sun, Live (1997)
  • Woven Cord Live w/The All Souls Orchestra (1999)
  • Open Sky (2000)
Since the 21st Century, Iona has been in a period of semi-retirement, mainly due to the pressures of family life on International Touring. Still, they have managed to bring us a few new releases.
Iona is the hands down king of the Megasong, which as I mentioned in the linked post, is a song, to be fair, at least 6 minutes in length, maybe even longer. And no, the song that does not end doesn't count. Even more so, they are the masters of megasong length instrumental music. Case in point is Woven Cord. This is over nine minutes of instrumental heaven. You can't be bored with this.

I will close with a special treat, a full concert video. This one comes from the Final Cornerstone Festival Ever (2012). Enjoy.

Since the CD's at Amazon for Iona are all imports at high price or used CD's I have only put in affiliate links for those that can save you money by being available for download. I hope you will buy through the link and support the night beat at the same time. Next weeks edition of Flashback Friday will take on the aggressive smile pop industrial genius that is Joey Belville, The Echoing Green. Until my next post, I am Awaiting Your Reply.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Warm Tones: The 2012 4th Quarter - Gospel

Continuing with the announcement of the CD releases for the 4th Quarter (that would be July-September in PVA Land). We move on from Modern Worship to Gospel (the real kind. I won't bore my new readers with my anti-Southern Gospel rant. At least not today). This includes music which would be better classified as R&B, because they are extremely similar.

Four entrants made the cut this past quarter, and though there was a big name among the quartet, three "newcomers" at least to The Night Beat, made the list.
Those quote marks are important. This is the second release for Mitchell, and he did come under the eyes of The Night Beat, making the inaugural Platinum Vinyl Awards as a nominee. He did not win, however. Chaney is a new artist, and Mann is on her third album, though new to the Night Beat. If you don't know who Israel Houghton is, I ask, what planet have you been on?

Of the four you always have to look out for Houghton, but I think that Created 4 This was the cream of this crop and may surprise in the final. That concludes Gospel. Dance will be Saturday, and our regularly scheduled Flashback Friday is tomorrow. Until then, I am Awaiting Your Reply.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Warm Tones: The 2012 4th Quarter - Modern Worship

Continuing with the announcement of the eligible entries for the 4th Quarter of 2012. We move on to Modern Worship. Things were fairly well represented here, and we shall know soon how many of these made it into the final round, due to circumstances mentioned earlier. They do all make the initial pool, however briefly.

  • All Sons and Daughters - The Longing: EP No. 3
  • Jared Anderson - The Narrow Road
  • Jeff Deyo - Moving Mountains
  • Esterlyn - Woven
  • Hillsong Live - Cornerstone
  • Beckah Shae - Rest
For those betting on the final outcome, know that of the six mentioned here, Deyo and Shae have the best shot of appearing in the final nominees.

That is it for Modern Worship, and up next will be Gospel. Until tomorrow, I am Awaiting Your Reply.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Warm Tones: The 2012 4th Quarter - Inspirational Folk

The Fourth Quarter of 2012 is now completed, at least as the Platinum Vinyl Awards are concerned. We are now beginning the eligibility period for the 4th Platinum Vinyl Awards, and already there are some promising entries. More on that later. For now, we will concern ourselves with the late entries for this years awards.

The Fourth Quarter is always a bittersweet period. While I begin the year saying that entries with a 4 Emerald Rating will be considered for a Platinum Vinyl Award, by the 2nd quarter it is effectively a 4.5 Emerald Rating which is the minimum bar, and by the end of the third to the end in all reality you need a 4.75 Emerald Rating to make it to the judging. I know that seems unfair, but such is the case. We are trying to get the best in the awards, and sometimes we need to make adjustments on the fly.

Now, on to the fourth quarter. There were no new entrants this time around from Children's Music. The field for this award is set at three entrants, to be revealed at a later time.

There was one entry for the Folk/Folk Rock category, and that was Light for the Lost Boy by Andrew Peterson. That brings the total entrants for this category at four. I will also reveal these entrants at a later time.

That brings us to the only genre which had a couple of entrants worth speaking of. That would be Adult Contemporary and Inspirational. Three entries made the cut this quarter, at least initially.
The Fourth Quarter rollout begins. There are plenty more to announce, and yet only a few of these pool entries will make it to the final round. Stay with us here at the Night Beat as the 3rd Annual Platinum Vinyl Awards begins to pick up steam. Until our next post, I am Awaiting Your Reply.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Music Video Monday: Excellent

This is it, the final post of Music Video Monday for the 4th Quarter 2012 PVA Releases. Next week we can go on to the 1st Quarter of 2013 if any exist yet. Last week was a metal week, this week is more pop oriented (well, except for the last).

We begin with two lovely ladies with equally lovely voices. Poema made a big splash at the first Platinum Vinyl Awards in 2010, taking Best Pop Album. Now they're back with a full length album. This is Wonder. from Remembering You, which appropriately, considering the title, was released on 9/11.

Beckah Shae is known more as a Dance artist than a Worship leader, though she has deftly managed to combine the two. Trance Worship is the best term I can use to describe Rest. This is Your Presence

Finally we have a bit of Propaganda for you. No, not that kind of propaganda. Propaganda (real name: Jason Petty) is a rapper usually teamed with Odd Thomas. He recently released Excellent. This is the title cut.

That is it for this edition of Music Video Monday. Next monday the 1rst Quarter of 2013 begins. Until then, I am Awaiting Your Reply.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Flashback Friday: Bring Back The Good Times

Woodstock Academy and Loon Mountain. Bookends to a legendary career. At least as legendary as a mid 1990's post-punk band can get. The venues, one small and one as big as nature itself, were two of the concerts I attended for the band named after an item in the household goods aisle.

The first venue was a small private school in northeast Connecticut during 1996 or 1997. Two bands were playing, both of which I was hearing for the first time. The warm up band was called Seven Day Jesus, the headliner was Bleach, and if I were a betting man I would have picked Seven Day Jesus to make the big time. Which is why I am not a betting man.

Bleach was a five piece band, the lineup at the time of their debut album Space (1996) came out (which is the tour they were on in Woodstock)

  • Davy Baysinger - Vocals
  • Sam Barnhart - Guitars, BGV
  • Bradley Ford - Guitars, Wurlitzer Piano
  • Todd Kirby - Bass
  • Matt Gingerich - Drums
This was the lineup at the time that they made their breakthrough. The avenue to stardom, somewhat ironically, was The Jenny Jones Show. They performed the song Super Good Feeling from their second album Static (1998). I have found a video for the song. No it's not from Jenny Jones, but it is a Official Music Video.

Bleach finished their contract with Forefront Records with a Self Titled release in 1999. They showed up that year in my hometown a few days after the rapture occurred. Just like our current obsession with the Mayan calendar, there were many date-setting movements in the late 20th Century. The first one I remember was in 1980.

There were two warm up acts for bleach that evening. The first one was Space-Pop/Dance artist Miss Angie, and the next was the magic that is Joy Electric. Of the three, only Bleach is no longer with us, though Joy Electric hasn't had anything out since 2009 (original back to 2007), and Miss Angie had a retirement from 2000 to 2010, but is now back.

Bleach re-emerged on Tooth and Nail Records with a new look. Only Davy and Sam were still there. They had three new members. Brothers Jared and Milam Byers on drums and guitars respectively and Jerry Morrison on Bass. The first effort with Midas at the helm was Again, for the first time (2002). The single from that album was We are Tomorrow, which also was made into a video. Never had things looked more promising.

What a difference a year makes. Never has a swan song been more beautiful. Make no mistake, that is what Astronomy (2003) was. Bleach was a casualty of war. The subtitle to the album was (The Legacy of a Hero). The Hero in question was Army Airborne/Ranger Captain Josh Byers, brother to Jared and Milam, killed in Al Fallujah, Iraq on July 23, 2003 due to a remote control bomb. Honestly, I only bought the CD because it would be their last, but when I listened to it. God was working on this CD as it was made. It is their best work ever, and I would put it on any Best Christian Albums Ever. I got to see them at the 2004 Soulfest, which was the next to the last at Loon Mountain.  It was a fitting site to say goodbye. Here is a video to show the magic that was astronomy.

Not to end on a downer, there is a brief glimmer of hope, though in the end it may be a pipe dream. Rumors have been circulating for a year now of a new Bleach album, though any awards it wins at present are in vaporware. Here's hoping.

We return to The Commonwealth of CCM next week with IONA. Until then, I am Awaiting Your Reply.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

From Cloud 2 Ground Drop Shiny Toy Guns

It's fun rediscovering old friends. Now sometimes things don't come out exactly as expected, but it still, it's never nice to lose touch with someone completely. And even when things don't come out as expected, things may work out in time.

Not to get too introspective here, but this does have a musical application. Back at the turn of the century there were two guys who put out some awesome electronic music, mostly of the trance variety. Their names were Chad Petree and Jeremy Dawson, and together they were known as Cloud 2 Ground. They came out with two albums E-majn (1997) and The gate (2000). They showed up at Soulfest in 2000 to support the latter, and put on a late night trance party that was pure heaven. Then, as far as I knew, they disappeared.

Thing is they didn't disappear. Worse than that, in the ever changing world of electronica, they reinvented themselves. When all you need is a pair of synthesizers, or maybe only one, it's extremely easy to assume a new identity. The witness protection plan wishes it were this easy.

Well difficult isn't impossible, and I finally tracked down Cloud 2 Ground. No, this isn't a Flashback Friday post, though it could be. No, since 2003 Cloud 2 Ground has been in the mainstream as Shiny Toy Guns. Dawson and Petree are the core, and the ever present lead female vocals are handled, not by Tracy Truels, but Carah Faye Charnow, who is more than up to the task. Their first two albums were We Are Pilots (2006) and Season of Poison (2008).

Now, four years later, Shiny Toy Guns come out with, the understated III (2012). Not an unexpected move in the Techno/Dance Arena. Family Force Five's III and III.V come to mind right off.

Things get off to a high energy start with Somewhere to hide, but the big single is Waiting Alone, which is about domestic abuse and abandonment. Watch the official video for the song below. Wait for the big dramatic twist at the end.

The third song, Carrie, is one of my favorites, it being a homage (IMHO) to Painted Orange's Amanda, recorded in 1991. Another two of my favorites are Mercy and Wait 4 Me, which hearken back to the C2G days. Then there is one song made for no other point than to get you to "Shake Your Groove Thang". And for Dance, is there any better reason for a song. That song is Speaking Japanese.

Dawson and Petree set the bar for this year's PVA dance entries. I am going to give III a top notch score of 5 Emeralds. It is the entrant to beat, barring another entry from Lights or another top dance band. The album doesn't come out until the 22nd, so order from Amazon at the link and help support The Night Beat at the same time. Until next time, I am Awaiting Your Reply.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Music Video Monday: The Time Bender

Welcome back to the latest edition of Music Video Monday. We are rapidly going through the Fourth Quarter 2012 Videos. We will wrap things up with the next two weeks, three to a post.

This week we will be doing a bit of harder music. We start off with one of my recent discoveries, and a band that is quickly becoming one of my favorites. White Collar Sideshow is a band that is a little hard to take initially, seeing that they deal with the subject of addictions. I would encourage you to take in my original post on the band first. This is the video for Monster Me from The WitcHunt.

Next up is a metal band that can put out some of the most melodic orchestral sounding arrangements ever. Even if you can't stand metal you will love these guys simply to to the arrangements. Celestial Completion was awarded best Hard Rock/Metal Album last year at the Platinum Vinyl Awards. This year they are back with I Am. This is the video for The Time Bender.

We conclude with a band which just released its album a few weeks ago. As I Lay Dying released Awakened on September 25. This is the official video for A Greater Foundation.

That concludes this edition of Music Video Monday. Next week we wrap up the 4th Quarter on a bit of a lighter note, with videos by Poema, Beckah Shae and Propaganda. Until then, I am Awaiting Your Reply.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Flashback Friday: The Unloved

"M-U-R-D-E-R" "K-I-L-L". Not your typical Christian song lyrics. Even less typical when done as a cheerleader chant. If you want happy cheerleader banter, then FM Static is more your cup of tea.

Aleixa (pronounced Uh-Leek-Uh) isn't your typical Christian Band, so that kind of evens things out. Originally known as Sorrow of Seven, Aleixa, hailing from that industrial mecca known as Virginia, was formed by Deitiphobia guitarist Kevin Gutierrez (under the stage handle Kevin 131). with the vocals handled by two chicks, April Lassiter and Laurel Snapper.

Originally discovered by Carson Pierce of the Canadian Industrial Label Flaming Fish Music (I could do a post on that label by itself), I originally heard of them via the song Unloved on the Electro Shock Therapy sampler in 1995. April and Laurel sing "I'm one of the unloved", but more surprisingly they add that "I want to be unloved".

Honey Lake (1996) was their big debut, and it had unloved and the song I could murder, which contained that chant and the following lyric:
I could murder, I could kill, there is something inside of me
Or what about this from non-self:
The person you see is not the one that I'm supposed to be. An eternity of perfection has been destroyed by my sin. Cursed in blackness, showered in pain, is he who created me. With willing reservations I crucify him again and again and again.
How about a little more
I pound the nails into his hands, I pound the nails into his feet. I spit in his face and watch him die and repent at my convenience.
A little hard to take. Sometimes tough talk is necessary so that, as they say "God is able to love, comfort and save us from ourselves, if we only let him."

Over the next three years Aleixa retooled from merely an industrial band to more of a trance/synthpop band in order to get a more mainstream audience (or as the band put it at the time, to execute a plan for World Domination). April Lassiter left the band and was replaced by Stephanie Pummill. Kevin had additional help with his brother Timothy Gutierrez of Kill Villains and Agent X filling in as well.

Disfigured (1999), with its opening lyric "If you know me, you know what's coming" was completely different from what you would have expected from Honey Lake. The title cut referred to the act of recreation that goes on in Salvation.

I need to be disfigured. I need to be torn apart. I need to be made brand new inside.
The lyrics were hard hitting and so was the music. Alas, just when they were poised on the brink of stardom, they disbanded. Such is life on the Fringes of CCM.

I usually try to give a video, but not surprisingly, there isn't much for Aleixa on YouTube. I did manage to find two covers in addition to Non Self. First Up comes from a Stryper Tribute Album, Sweet Family Music. This is Makes Me Wanna Sing.

Not sure if this next one was intended as a parody. This is Tennessee Christmas.

I wish we still had Aleixa here. There aren't any Chick Fronted Industrial Bands out there. Skillet doesn't even count. Though they are somewhat industrial, Korey isn't a singer.

That does it for this round of The Industrial Age. Next week we move back to Alternative, and our subject will be Bleach. Until then, I am Awaiting Your Reply.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Pure Platinum Perfection

So I like alliteration. Anyway, since the entries for the 3rd Annual Platinum Vinyl Awards are now over, I can safely put out the first of my best of lists.

The Gold Standard at The Night Beat (Or perhaps it is the Platinum Standard) is the Perfect 5 Emerald Rating. Getting those guarantees the entrant into the final round of the Platinum Vinyl Award Voting. It will be among the entrants which will get an award.

For those new to the WENC Night Beat, the eligibility year is October 1 - September 30. This year there were fifteen Pure Platinum releases. During that time fifteen albums that passed my ears got me to say "wow". Now, since I try to evaluate each genre independently, I have a different bar for each. These fifteen never knew there was a bar, they were so far above it.

One other thing to bring my new readers up to speed before I get to the list. While The WENC Night Beat is committed to bringing you the best in Christian Music, the definition of Christian here is quite loose. If they ever were embraced by the Christian Community, unless they renounced everything and walked away, no one is a KOOK here (that's my acronym for Kicked Out Of (the) Kingdom). Right now the only one who is "Not Christian" who once was is Katy Perry. Now on to the list.

Pure Platinum Perfection

2011 Entries

Chevelle has probably slipped off the Christian Radar and Amy Lee and Company (Evanescence) are one of those K.O.O.K. bands. However, I have it on good authority that Evanescence is solid for performing for the first billion years in heaven (on the other hand SG music is slated for the last 22 seconds of eternity).

2012 Entries

  • Blessed by a Broken Heart - Feel the Power
  • David Crowder Band - Give Us Rest (A Requiem Mass in C) [The Happiest of all Keys]
  • Demon Hunter - True Defiance
  • Israel & New Breed - Decade
  • Lara Landon - Overcome
  • Sarah Macintosh - Current
  • Petra - Best of the 80's
  • Poema - Remembering You
  • Project 86 - Wait for the Siren
There you have it, the perfect albums for the 3rd Platinum Vinyl Awards eligibility year. The albums were scattered around the CCM world, with 5 from Rock, 4 from Metal, 2 from Gospel, 2 from Alternative, and one each from Pop and Adult Contemporary. I want to get this out, so I'll update this with my Amazon affiliate link later. Let me know what you think. Until next time, I am Awaiting Your Reply.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Music Video Monday: My Name is Eustace

Actually, No, it's not. It's actually Christopher, but I thought I would go with the bizarre intro. Welcome to the Columbus Day Edition of Music Video Monday. In some sense, we will be treading into uncharted territory this week, and will be featuring some videos with "animal Magnetism" so to speak.

We begin with another band which is completely new to The Night Beat. Benjamin Dunn and The Animal Orchestra. They are part of a new wave of bands that are redefining both alternative and synthpop by expertly blending the two groups. From the new release Fable, this is My Name is Eustace.

We continue with Abandoned Pools. No, this isn't swimming pools we're talking about. This is Synthpop with a strong Joy Electric sound mixed with Alternative. This is the title cut for Sublime Currency

We can thank Billboard Magazine for our next video. The magazine named Karyn Williams (the Daughter of Orlando Magic Founder Pat Williams) their Best Bet for Christian Music in 2012. She has a nice voice, and while her debut album Only You didn't impress me enough to make the Platinum Vinyl Pool, she has great potential, and deserved to be included in the Best New Artist Pool at least. This is the video for the Title cut.

We finish with another switch up to a completely different style. Lecrae returned to the studio to tackle matters of Gravity. This is Lord Have Mercy (feat. Tedashii).

We are making some great progress through the fourth quarter videos. We may have to return to them in the future as there are probably videos still in the pipeline. Until then, and until next Music Video Monday, happy Columbus Day and as always, I am Awaiting Your Reply.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Flashback Friday: Simply Delirious?

"Did You Feel the Mountains Tremble?" "Do You Wanna Go Deeper?", The Happy Song, "I Could Sing of Your Love Forever" "Shout to The North". Amazing that all these songs came out of one band, one youth group.

The Cutting Edge band, the official worship band for the Arun Community Church in Littlehampton, England was our band. From the beginning the group was able to catch fire among the English Youth, and the band was soon playing before thousands at a time. It only serves to remind me that I went to the wrong church as a kid. I just had Mr. Jehle, An accordion and about a dozen or so kids. Between groups like Delirious? and Worth Dying For, which also started as a YGWP (Youth Group Worship Band), the youth of Today are so lucky.

Once the band outgrew its youth group origins, the name was changed from the Cutting Edge Band to Delirious? and they officially became a Rock band, albeit with a Worship Focus.
Beginning with King of Fools (1997), the band released 7 studio albums in an approximately ten year career.
  • King of Fools (1997)
  • Mezzamorphis (1999)
  • Glo (2000)
  • Audio Lessonover? (2001)
  • World Service (2003)
  • The Mission Bell (2005)
  • Kingdom of Comfort (2005)
I was blessed to see Delirious? twice live in concert. Once in a small (too small, actually) setting. The EM Loews Palladium in Worcester. The second time was at The Inside Out Soulfest, which was a more appropriate venue. After all, this is a band which played for 45,000 at Wembley Stadium.

My Only regret is that the youth group world didn't get hijacked by Delirious? like the "adult Church" got by Hillsong. It would have been quite an improvement over typical youth group fare.

There are certain songs by Delirious that have become Iconic, and the best way to explain them is to show them. This is History Maker, a ballad and rallying cry for the Christian Youth of today, and all Christians Everywhere, to change the world they are in for the better. There has been no better example than Delirious?

I could sing of your love forever is another Iconic song. This one is an acoustic with Martin Smith and the audience.

And Lastly, Did You Feel the Mountains tremble. Another music site recently asked if there was any band you wish would reunite. I have a long list. Most people do. Among the biggest would be Delirious? and The Benjamin Gate. Both bands stood out from the crowd of sameness that seems to afflict CCM most of the time. I will deal with The Benjamin Gate at a later time, but I think it can be agreed the world would be a lot better if we could get a little more Delirious? I am Awaiting Your Reply.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Night Beat Rewind: September 2012

The 2012 Platinum Vinyl Awards are now closed for entries. No more will be accepted. Good thing too, this has been a very good year for entries. To my continued legion of growing readers and fans, Night Beat Rewind consists of "Quick Hit" reviews of the releases of the Month previous. Since it's October, that means it is time for the September releases to be rewound. And since the PVA Eligibility is October 1-September 30, this is the last one.

I usually divide things in three, but this week and for the next few months I will be having things divided into four. First up is Seasonal Releases. Believe it or not, Christmas releases have already begun. TOO SOON.

Christmas Music (Not PVA Eligible)

Next up are the regular releases that could be eligible for Platinum Vinyl Award consideration. As always we begin with those releases that didn't meet the bar for consideration, those that

Missed The Mark

  • Jadon Lavik - Roots Run Deep(er) 3.75 Emeralds
  • Nonparell - Heaven Come Down 3.75 Emeralds
  • Jeremi & Amy Richardson -  Never Let Go 3.75 Emeralds
  • Various Artists - Holy Hip Hop, Volume 14 3.75 Emeralds
  • Brian Weaver - Let Love In 3.75 Emeralds
  • The Wedding - No Direction 3.75 Emeralds
As you can see, these releases just barely missed the mark, and that is how it usually is. Very rarely does an artist stink up with a release. Sometimes, however, they hit and blow away the bulls-eye. These are the albums that are.

Pure Platinum

Abel was a pleasant surprise. I had never heard of them before and Make It Right made a great first impression. On the other hand, Sister Duo Poema already have a Platinum Vinyl Award in hand from their EP debut, so there was some expectations here. Needless to say, they smashed through those expectations. Great job, girls, and good luck.

Most releases are neither horrible nor spectacular. Most aren't Platinum but merely

Semi-Precious Metal

  • All Sons and Daughters - The Longing : EP No. 3 4.50 Emeralds
  • Jared Anderson - The Narrow Road 4.50 Emeralds
  • Annie Moses Band - Pilgrims & Prodigals 4.75 Emeralds
  • As I Lay Dying - Awakened 4.75 Emeralds
  • Becoming the Archetype - I Am 4.75 Emeralds
  • Marlene Brehm - Reach The Sky 4.50 Emeralds
  • Capital Kings - I feel so alive 4.25 Emeralds
  • Luke Dowler - Polarized 4.50 Emeralds
  • Esterlyn - Woven 4.25 Emeralds
  • Group 1 Crew - Fearless 4.75 Emeralds
  • Heather Headley - Only One In The World 4.50 Emeralds
  • The Insyderz - The Sinners Songbook 4.75 Emeralds
  • Lecrae - Gravity 4.75 Emeralds
  • Paper Route - The Peace of Wild Things 4.75 Emeralds
  • Propaganda - Excellent 4.50 Emeralds
  • Remedy Drive - Resuscitate 4.50 Emeralds
  • Beckah Shae - Rest 4.75 Emeralds
  • Derek Webb - Ctrl 4.50 Emeralds
  • Steven Welch - Color of Love 4.50 Emeralds
  • Matthew West - Into the Night 4.50 Emeralds
  • White Collar Sideshow - The WitcHunt 4.75 Emeralds
That concludes the Rewind for September and the 2012 PVA rewinds as well. The 2013 Eligibility year begins. Until next time, I am Awaiting Your Reply.