Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Warm Tones: The 2012 4th Quarter - Modern Worship

Continuing with the announcement of the eligible entries for the 4th Quarter of 2012. We move on to Modern Worship. Things were fairly well represented here, and we shall know soon how many of these made it into the final round, due to circumstances mentioned earlier. They do all make the initial pool, however briefly.

  • All Sons and Daughters - The Longing: EP No. 3
  • Jared Anderson - The Narrow Road
  • Jeff Deyo - Moving Mountains
  • Esterlyn - Woven
  • Hillsong Live - Cornerstone
  • Beckah Shae - Rest
For those betting on the final outcome, know that of the six mentioned here, Deyo and Shae have the best shot of appearing in the final nominees.

That is it for Modern Worship, and up next will be Gospel. Until tomorrow, I am Awaiting Your Reply.