Monday, October 22, 2012

Music Video Monday: Excellent

This is it, the final post of Music Video Monday for the 4th Quarter 2012 PVA Releases. Next week we can go on to the 1st Quarter of 2013 if any exist yet. Last week was a metal week, this week is more pop oriented (well, except for the last).

We begin with two lovely ladies with equally lovely voices. Poema made a big splash at the first Platinum Vinyl Awards in 2010, taking Best Pop Album. Now they're back with a full length album. This is Wonder. from Remembering You, which appropriately, considering the title, was released on 9/11.

Beckah Shae is known more as a Dance artist than a Worship leader, though she has deftly managed to combine the two. Trance Worship is the best term I can use to describe Rest. This is Your Presence

Finally we have a bit of Propaganda for you. No, not that kind of propaganda. Propaganda (real name: Jason Petty) is a rapper usually teamed with Odd Thomas. He recently released Excellent. This is the title cut.

That is it for this edition of Music Video Monday. Next monday the 1rst Quarter of 2013 begins. Until then, I am Awaiting Your Reply.