Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Warm Tones: The 2012 4th Quarter - Inspirational Folk

The Fourth Quarter of 2012 is now completed, at least as the Platinum Vinyl Awards are concerned. We are now beginning the eligibility period for the 4th Platinum Vinyl Awards, and already there are some promising entries. More on that later. For now, we will concern ourselves with the late entries for this years awards.

The Fourth Quarter is always a bittersweet period. While I begin the year saying that entries with a 4 Emerald Rating will be considered for a Platinum Vinyl Award, by the 2nd quarter it is effectively a 4.5 Emerald Rating which is the minimum bar, and by the end of the third to the end in all reality you need a 4.75 Emerald Rating to make it to the judging. I know that seems unfair, but such is the case. We are trying to get the best in the awards, and sometimes we need to make adjustments on the fly.

Now, on to the fourth quarter. There were no new entrants this time around from Children's Music. The field for this award is set at three entrants, to be revealed at a later time.

There was one entry for the Folk/Folk Rock category, and that was Light for the Lost Boy by Andrew Peterson. That brings the total entrants for this category at four. I will also reveal these entrants at a later time.

That brings us to the only genre which had a couple of entrants worth speaking of. That would be Adult Contemporary and Inspirational. Three entries made the cut this quarter, at least initially.
The Fourth Quarter rollout begins. There are plenty more to announce, and yet only a few of these pool entries will make it to the final round. Stay with us here at the Night Beat as the 3rd Annual Platinum Vinyl Awards begins to pick up steam. Until our next post, I am Awaiting Your Reply.