Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Mission To Massachusetts: Part Two

Intermission Finally ended, and we are back to the concert. NRT and newsound have arranged things so that there are a series of intro acts and then the headliner. In this case it is Intro, Into, Headline 1, Intermission, Intro, Intro, Intro, Headline 2, Headline 3. In my last post I handled everything up to and including the intermission.

The One That Got Away
 First Up was the new band from Minneapolis called Hyland. I had earlier reviewed their album Weights & Measures. I really enjoy this band, and they lived up to their albums potential in their live performance. They did A four song set of Jumping the Gun, The One That Got Away, Til Death, and Never. They are bound for good things in the future.

We are Children of The Light
 Time for a little Rap. The Featured Rapper was Benjah. Pretty much unknown to the CCM world as a rapper, he is better known as a Writer/Producer, having produced, among others, Lecrae, Tedashii, and Sho Baraka. His debut album The Breakup should be debuting soon.

Sitting In Mikeschair
 A Rock Worship Set finished the three lead in acts. Mikeschair was the final band here. It was a quick three song set of worship tunes and then we had to prepare the stage. As they say Good things come For those who wait. Stay tuned for the rest, I am Awaiting Your Reply.