Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Mission To Massachusetts: The Final Act

Chapter Four: Night of the Hawk

Hawk Nelson That is. In advance of this final posting on the MWAM Shrewsbury concert, we at The Night Beat express our regret if any Vancouver Canucks fans are offended by some of the Jokes that are contained within.

Perhaps as you have been reading the previous posts and looking at the photographs you have noticed in the background certain cloth covered obelisks. They have been hidden for this moment and now are ready to be revealed.

Presenting: Hawk Nelson
The second Canadian group in the lineup, and coincidentally, both are from Calgary. I mention this because, if you remember my mentioning about Kiros, you know that Flames fans also root for "whoever is playing the Canucks." Well the last one to do that was the Bruins in the Stanley Cup Finals, and the Bruins won. Woo-Hoo. Stanley Cup Champions has a really nice ring to it. It doesn't get old.

Anyway, instead of just saying stuff like "Any Bruins fans in here?", Lead singer Jason Dunn decided to tell Roberto Luongo jokes during the night. He told three, but I can only remember two at the moment. No for the non-hockey fans out there (probably most of my readers), Roberto Luongo was the Goalie for the Vancouver Canucks, and during the Cup Finals, when the game was in Vancouver, he was the rock of Gibraltar, stopping just about everything that came his way. When the game was in Boston, however, Bruins players found more holes in Goal than a colander. Considering that Game 7 was in Vancouver, Canucks fans were confident, but some Bruins Pranksters must have hung a TD Banknorth Garden Sign over the stadium, because Luongo acted like he was in Boston, leading to a joke like this.
It was sad to hear about Roberto Luongo. After the Game he tried to commit suicide. Yeah, he tried to get run over by a bus. But like everything else it went through his legs (drum roll)
Yeah, I know, pretty bad. We're Bruins Fans Here at The Night Beat and we ate it up.

Hawk Nelson's Jason Dunn
It was a great set, and included Songs From Letters to The President (California), Smile, It's The End of The World (Everything You Ever Wanted), Hawk Nelson is my Friend (Friend Like That, Let's Dance, Bring Em Out) and the Title Tracks of Live Life Loud and Crazy Love. And then there were the Canucks jokes.
Dunn: Knock Knock
Crowd: Who's There
Dunn: Roberto Luongo
Crowd: Roberto Luongo Who
Dunn: Exactly
Crazy love was the last song of the set, they said goodnight, and the lights went out. Then came the inevitable cheer of "One More Song", and here I think that it's not only God's Love that is crazy, but also Hawk Nelson, because for the encore, we were told:

Don't Stop Believing

As in the Journey Song. And they not only did the cover, but they did it in style. I'm not sure just any band could have pulled this off, and I've got the photos to prove it, so here we go.
Big Sound and Bigger Hair.

A Journey into the Mind of Hawk Nelson
I have enjoyed bringing you this multi-part tale of the Music With A Mission Concert Event in Shrewsbury, and I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I. Until next time, I am Awaiting Your Reply.