Tuesday, September 20, 2011

We Came As Romans...

And Left as Corinthians. Sorry. Couldn't resist the biblical pun there. Michigan Hard Rockers We Came as Romans released their second full length album Tuesday, and I doubt that anyone into CCM has ever heard of them.

The album, like TDWP, is hardcore, yet there are more clean vocals with these guys. The band doesn't consider itself a "Christian Band", yet fans of Christian music will find nothing to complain about. I know, wishful thinking.

The Track Listing:
  1. Mis // Understanding
  2. Everything As Named
  3. What I Wish I Never Had
  4. Cast The First Stone
  5. The Way That We Have Been
  6. A War Inside
  7. Stay Inspired
  8. Just Keep Breathing
  9. Views that Never Cease, To Keep Me From Myself
  10. What My Heart Held
  11. I Can't make Your Decisions for You
  12. Understanding What We've Grown To Be
Just going over the track titles tells you they've got more knowledge than the average band (ex. A War Inside, Cast The First Stone, I Can't Make Your Decisions for You). I like thesound of these guys. I'm going to give them 4.5 Emeralds for Understanding What We've Grown To Be. I still hope to have Amazon Links up soon for everybody, but right now it is more important for me to get out the reviews. I am convinced now that it is due to out of date browsers on the computer that I am using (Public Library right now until I get a new one for myself. I think the director is afraid to update his software).

September is just about up, and it never fails that the Record Labels decide to do a dump of releases just as the eligibility for the Platinum Vinyl Awards is coming to a close. That means more listening parties to enjoy. This Week you can enjoy parties from Needtobreathe, Jeremy Riddle (week 2), Matt Maher(hearitfirst), Matt Maher(jesusfreakhideout), Jamie Grace, Leeland(hearitfirst), Leeland(jesusfreakhideout),  Rush of Fools. That's a lot of listening, folks, and I'll try to at least get an opinion on all of them this week. I'll TRY. No Promises.

Until Next time. I am Awaiting Your Reply.