Friday, August 19, 2011

Chicks Who Rock

Yeah, Yeah, So I'm not P.C. The fact is that some of the best music out there in CCM comes from Female Fronted bands. Get used to it guy's, you've lost the war.

Make A Move and "Hire" this Band

We'll Start with Ariel, lead singer for Icon For Hire. I haven't seen a singer pull off pink hair since the Days of the Benjamin Gate. (We Miss You Adrienne). Here they are in their official music video for Make A Move

Ashes Can Be Beautiful

Moving on from Icon For Hire, we will go with a few more established acts. If your tastes are a little harder than your standard rock fare, might I suggest Eowyn. She's been getting better with each album, and now, with Beautiful Ashes, she has gone into full scale Evanescence mode. While Eowyn is firmly in the Kingdom, Beautiful Ashes is her Fallen. I see great things coming for her. Anyway, here is the video for Beautiful Ashes

Wait No More

Well I started with a Redhead, and Went to a raven-haired beauty, so I'll finish with a blonde. And who better to end with than Dawn Michelle, the lead singer of the Platinum Vinyl Award Winning Fireflight. We conclude todays post with the Video for the title track For Those Who Wait

This has been a different kind of post. I am still trying things out here at the night beat. I hope you enjoyed some hard rocking tunes, and a bit of eye candy as well. Until next time. I am Awaiting Your Reply