Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New Music Update

Just because it has turned out to be a slow August doesn't mean we at the Night Beat can't be pleasantly surprised. This week is one of those surprises. Three full Album Previews to check out, two of them from the folks at NRT. I am going to try to have a full review on all three. We'll see how that goes.

DestinyOf the trio, I am most impressed with Destiny by Beckah Shae. I was anticipating the release of this album after listening to #putyourloveglasseson which was released as a free download a few months ago. Now that the album is here, needless to say, I am not disappointed. You can check out the album this week at New Release Tuesday. If you are looking for some excellent Dance Grooves for yourself, this is definitely the CD for you, though it doesn't come out until next Tuesday. I've already listened to it twice, and I am strongly leaning toward awarding it the coveted 5 Emerald Rating. I would always hope that you would click through the title link and buy through it at Amazon. The Night Beat thanks you.

MonocultureAnother good album to add to your library comes from King Midas (a.k.a. Brandon Ebel, Founder/President of Tooth & Nail Records). Monoculture by Sainthood Reps is out now, and is currently a Full Album Listening Party at AOL Music. I think it is safe to say that this is not Dance Music. This is Alternative Rock, with emphasis on alternative. The folks at AOL describe it as "scary rhythms and Spooky guitars", and that gives it a "spacey" feel to it. While I'm not blown away with it like Beckah Shae, even on its initial listening I feel safe to say my final rating will be in the High fours, giving it an easy pass to the first round of the Platinum Vinyl Awards. Since it is not marketed as a Christian Release, despite being a Tooth & Nail release, it may qualify for a CROSS/over nomination as well.

Re:CreationFinally, an album, which while very good, will probably not be in the Platinum Vinyl Pool, though not due to content or quality. Re:Creation by Steven Curtis Chapman is sort of a Hybrid new release/best of compilation. It has some new songs, but some of the songs are new recordings of old hits. That is something done on a lot of the Best Of albums, and even though I have rated some Best-of releases, and given them ratings which would qualify them for a Platinum Vinyl Award, in the end I have dropped them in favor of a new studio release or live recording. What do you guys think. Does a best of album deserve to be honored? Should it have its own category? I encourage your thought on the matter. Oh, before I close, I should say that Re:Creation is also streaming in its entirety at NRT.

That does it for this installment. You can use the comments below to give me your thoughts on the best of issue. As always, I am Awaiting Your Reply.