Monday, August 15, 2011

Re: Creation

First HandSteven Curtis Chapman is a household name in CCM, having released his debut, First Hand, back in 1987, when your favorite blogger was a DJ. I confess that I was not very knowledgeable of his stuff then or now. In fairness it is kind of mild. No I was more into Heavy Metal at the time, along with the usual Rock staples (D&K, Petra, Servant, Steve Taylor).

Speechless (Speechless Album Version)I probably heard his music on and off over the years, but I never really heard an album through from beginning to end until, while working Promotions for Sparrow Records at the Inside Out Soulfest (now simply Soulfest) at Loon Mountain in 2000, as part of the perks of the Job, I received a copy of Speechless (1999). Now a lot of people came into Chapman's orbit at that time, seeing that the Album went Platinum (1,150,000 Copies Sold). Now That's Good for Christian Standards, but it's no Fallen (7x Platinum U.S./17x Platinum Worldwide) or Satellite (3x Platinum).

Re:Creation is a hybrid release. Of the fourteen cuts on the album (not exactly unheard of on a Best-Of Release or even a studio album. For someone with his body of work, it could be somewhat short), eight are modern Re:creations. I'm kind of mixed on them. Some of them are best described as acoustic versions, and if the original was rocking, sometimes I think they fall flat. I'm more impressed with the new music, including one song recorded with his son Caleb.

I don't like giving preliminary ratings this far down, but that is what I am going to do here. I am giving Re:Creation 4 Emeralds. PVA Status is yet to be determined. I would like your help on this one readers. Normally 4 Emeralds guarantees PVA entry, but I am always torn with Best Of releases. It always feels like cheating.

Tomorrow, Destiny by Beckah Shae comes out, and you must get the album. I am also anticipating a winner with the Debut release of V.Rose, also out tomorrow. Until then, I am Awaiting Your Reply