Friday, August 12, 2011

Put Your (Platinum) Love Glasses On

Every so often an artist comes along who manages to take the Christian Music Listening fans by storm while making barely a raised eyebrow of interest in the industry at large. In recent history I can think of three.
  • Tiffany Arbuckle Lee (aka Plumb) - From her beginnings as frontwoman for a band by the name of Plumb in 1997 to her solo career since, the Queen of Christian Dance Music has done so without much hoopla or support from the industry at large. Probably why she now records on Curb.
  • Charmaine - She started out as backup singer for Rebecca St. James, and released her solo debut All about Jesus back in 2002, and then disappeared. Love Reality came out last year with the pop dance Tokyo as radio single. The pop song was deceptive with regards to the entire album, which was mostly a heavy techno dance album. And awesome. The work was not rewarded by the industry at large at the awards shows, but it was here. While the album itself did not win a Platinum Vinyl Award, the range of vocals on the album was enough to garner Charmaine Female Vocalist of the Year for 2010, the inaugural award year. Which brings us to:

Unlike Charmaine, Beckah Shae is no novice. This is her fifth release since appearing on the scene in 2006 with Butterfly (2006). The Night Beat came up to speed with Life, which came out last year and sported the single I Choose. There was also 2008's Joy and Last Year's Christmas release Emmanuel.

Give Us Good Music

Destiny kicks off with the only non-dance track on the album, the spacey R&B/Gospel track Are You Ready. It has a simple Piano opening with drum accompaniment and Beckah (as Jesus) utters the haunting chorus Does anybody hear me, does anybody see? Is there anybody willing to follow me? And is anybody thirsty? Anyone hungry. Is anybody dying, is anyone ready?

Cue the lights and mirror ball, because it's time to dance. "Come on Give us Music" is the motto of this album. Last years Dance winner was Outta Space Love by Dance/Hip-Hop Trio Group 1 Crew. This album takes the energy of that CD and cranks it up to stratospheric heights. Even the song Holy, which would be classified as worship, is heavy techno dance. David would be proud, Michal would hate it. (Ask yourself: How would David dance? He would love Snythesizers). The album is centered around the Book of Esther from the Cover Photo to the songs For Such a Time as This and Destiny. We even step into a bit of Reggae with Show Me. Even though it is an excellent song on its own, the single #putyourloveglasseson is just one of many excellent songs. They could have picked any of them.

More Precious Than Gold

The penultimate song on the CD says that we are "Going through the fire, Coming out Gold." Beckah shouldn't sell herself short. I think it's coming out Platinum. I am giving this album the coveted 5 Emerald Rating. I don't hand these out like candy. Plus this is an indie release, on the artist/producer created Shaeshoc Records.

This is a must have in your collection, especially if you like to dance. It is the front-runner in the Dance category, to say the least. Is it, to quote DeGarmo & Key, Destined to Win? We shall see. Until then I am Awaiting Your Reply