Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Night Beat Summer Reading Program: Demonic by Ann Coulter

Demonic: How the Liberal Mob Is Endangering America
The question could be posed, "are Liberals possessed or simply insane?". Ann Coulter has been the bane of Liberals since 2002, when she took on the Clinton administration with High Crimes and Misdemeanors: The Case against Clinton. Demonic: How the Liberal Mob is Endangering America is her eighth book, and personally, I think it's her best. The book is a fascinating look at the mob mentality of liberals (and that's a small "m" mob, as in rioting rabble, and not a capital "M' as in Organized Crime). If you have ever wondered how Rush Limbaugh could keep coming up with a seemingly endless stream of left wing media montages of commentators saying the exact same phrase, this book attempts to explain it all.

Crowd Control

Ann's jumping off point is Gustave Le Bon's 1895 Book The Crowd: Study of the Popular Mind, which was written barely one hundred years after the French Revolution. Le Bon (and Coulter) show how key characteristics present in the French Revolution are actually present in every mob, from anti-war protesters and the 60's college uprisings. Also quite revealing is how mob behavior seems to be a trait uniquely Liberal Left (it seems that Conservatism has a robust disagreement within itself that inhibits mob behavior and also, conservatives, who are mostly religious, never seem to be in the "in-crowd" that form the mobs). The Leftist Mobs turn out to be a bloodthirsty bunch: The French Revolution (600,000 Guillotined + 145,000 Exiled/Fled); Russia (15 Million+, and that's just the Ukrainians). Mao's Revolution (78 Million); Ho Chi Minh's Vietnam (1 Million after the Vietnam War); Pol Pot's Cambodia (1.7 Million after the Vietnam War). On the last two, those only happened after we pulled out of those countries, abandoning them. If we had had the courage to win the Vietnam War, they would not have been slaughtered). Liberals always like to point to Adolf Hitler (12 Million+) as an example of Right-Wing atrocities, but sorry folks, Nazi is a contraction of National Socialist. All socialists are Leftists. Hitler may have been right of Stalin, but he was still a Leftist.

Revolution 2.0

The Euro-Asian mob revolutions above all killed adults that they deemed a threat to an imaginary "general will". The American Left has never been that barbaric, yet. No, the Left prefers to work on eliminating future generations from existing.  Since Roe approximately 53 Million Children have been aborted. If only half would now be of working age, that would be 26 Million additional workers in the workforce paying taxes. Currently we have Over 40% of Working Age Americans who PAY NO INCOME TAX. I don't think we would be having a budget crisis or social security crisis now. THANKS LIBERALS!

The Other French Revolution

If the above numbers didn't get you depressed, here's another thought. Read Chapter Six and Seven for the French Revolution you didn't learn about in schools. Chapter Eight for the American Revolution by way of contrast. To my good friend Sara Louise in Provence, sorry Mon Amie, but if they taught the truth in France Bastille Day wouldn't be a time of celebration and a National Holiday. After going over the chapters again and again I still can't find a passage that I feel comfortable putting into print, at least regarding the human carnage. It's hard to pretty up over a half-million innocents slaughtered. Suffice it to say, on the property side, the word Vandalisme (vandalism) didn't enter the French language until the French Revolution.

The Historical Contrast between the American and French Revolutions (Chapters 6-8) are worth the price of the book. I give Demonic 4.5 Emeralds. As always, I hope you purchase the book, ebook, CD or whatever you read about in this blog through the links to Amazon and help support the Night Beat. Thank You, and as I know say at the end of every post. I am Awaiting Your Reply.