Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ariel is Gonna Burn This Theatre Down

Icon For Hire is the latest addition to the Lineup at Tooth & Nail Records.  I have been tracking the debut release for this band since it was originally announced that they were being signed by Tooth & Nail. Regular readers of this blog (I know you're out there, the stats tell me. Just wish you were brave enough to follow) know that I affectionately call T&N Founder Brandon Ebel King Midas because he has a habit of finding the talent out there.

It's Sprinkling Gold in Decatur

That's Gold as in the Midas Touch, not exactly record sales. Sprinkle is Producer Extraordinaire Aaron Sprinkle. If you're not familiar with his work, "Where in the World Have You Been." A very brief resume includes.
  • FM Static - My Brain Says Stop but My Heart Says Go (2011 PVA entrant)
  • Aaron Gillespie - Anthem Song (2011 PVA entrant)
  • Hyland - Weights and Measures (2011 PVA entrant)
  • Ivoryline - Vessels (2010 PVA Winner Best Alternative Album)
  • The Museum - Let Love Win (2010 PVA entrant)
  • Poema - Sing it Now (2010 PVA Winner Best Pop Album)
  • Sent By Ravens - Our Graceful Words
  • Swimming With Dolphins - Water Colours (2011 PVA Entrant)
  • Thousand Foot Krutch - Welcome to the Masquerade (Pre PVA)*
*note: Welcome to the Masquerade came out September 8, 2009. This blog started in July of 2010. However, if it existed it would have made the PVA's. The Live Concert Album by TFK Live at the Masquerade is a 2011 nominee.

I think you get the idea with the list. Sprinkle is a great producer. I don't usually look at a producer credit until after I decide if I like the Album, so it is pretty spooky how many of these albums have his fingerprints all over them.

And Now We Add Scripted to Sprinkle's list of hits. Currently, I would go with the mp3 download of the album. It's only $5.99 for the 30 min download vs $10.92 for the CD

An "Unscripted" Success Story

The album starts out with Overture (at $0.99 for 30 Seconds at Amazon, this is Pure Profit), which leads into the Intro cut Theatre. If you are reminded of Skillet here, you're not alone. Skillet, The Letter Black, Evanescence/Barlow Girl (Leaning to Amy Lee for The Grey and  Barlow Girl on Only A Memory). Pieces and Theatre have a very Skillet like feel.

Make A Move is sure to be a crowd favorite, along with its accompanying music video. Please check out my related post Chicks Who Rock for the video, along with videos by Eowyn and Fireflight.

And then there's Off With Her Head. It's a cheery little altar call song. NOT. Even though I think it could be used with a concert altar call, there is very little resemblance between this and Just as I am.
Verse I

I'm lucky if I ever see the light of day again

my sin is choking me, my crude built walls are closing in

This cell is filled with claw marks easing me, their teasing me, they told me so I didn't know the fall would be this easy


How long until I find the strength to stand

I wait for mercy in your bleeding hand

I know they'll come with what I'm owed-guilty as charged

My enemies belittle me reminding me the penalty of all my deeds despite my pleas is death


Don't let go 'cause I don't wanna be this, I don't wanna be this

Death is mine I know

Don't let go, don't let go

Save your own 'cause I don't wanna be this, I don't wanna be this

Death is mine I know

Don't let go, don't let go, savior

Verse II

Your way to life has only showed me what a fool I am

It serves the purpose of confirming I remain condemned

And I will ever linger on the edge

Unless you hear me

(Lyrics courtesy of Ariel and
In Short, this is more honest. Much more real. I am getting addicted to this album. It helps when it clocks in at just 30 minutes. You keep hitting repeat.

Pink can be strong. Just ask Ariel. I am giving Scripted by Icon For Hire 4.5 Emeralds. It's not a perfect album, and someone could say that it reminds them too much of other artists. To that I would say, it's a DEBUT. If you're going to make an impact, sometimes you need to copy your mentors. You can work on a signature style later. While Jars of Clay came out with their signature out of the gate, Petra didn't sound like Petra until about the fourth album. And if you're going to copy anyone, Evanescence, Skillet, Barlow girl and The Letter Black aren't bad role models. Make A Move and The Grey right now lead for a possible song of the year entry.

That's it for now. August started out slow but things are ending with a bang. For the best in Christian Music, stay locked to the Night Beat. As always, I am Awaiting Your Reply.