Thursday, August 4, 2011

Night Beat Rewind: July 2011

We have completed the first third of the final quarter of entries for the 2011 Platinum Vinyl Award. Boy things have gone by quickly this summer. August looks to be a little quiet. I guess when you're out on the festival circuit you can't have a CD coming out.

Not Exactly Precious Metal

The following handful of entries just missed making the Platinum Vinyl Awards initial cut. We had a very good July. It should make up for having a pretty sparse August.
  • Opposition, Altars, 3.5 Emeralds
  • Volition, As Hell Retreats, 3 Emeralds
  • Out for Blood, Farewell Flight, 3.75 Emeralds
  • Turn up the Music: The Hits of Point of Grace, Point of Grace, 3.5 Emeralds
  • Kingdom Days in an Evil Age, Sleeping Giant, 3.75 Emeralds
As I have said, four emeralds is my bar. While I think Sleeping Giant and Farewell Flight have some potential, there was just something lacking with their releases. Maybe next time.

July 2011 Platinum Vinyl Nominees

This month was pretty good. We had almost two dozen possible nominees. Now remember, this is the initial list, and things will get whittled down before the finals. This is the first step.
  • Brokenness Aside, No. 1, All Sons & Daughters, 4 Emeralds
  • Stop the Funeral, Ambassador, 4.5 Emeralds
  • A Thousand Tongues, Jeff Anderson, 4.25 Emeralds
  • American Dreams, Dominic Balli, 4 Emeralds
  • Burlap to Cashmere, Burlap to Cashmere, 4.75 Emeralds
  • Validation, Call to Preserve, 4.5 Emeralds
  • The Best of, Ricky Dillard and New G, 4.25 Emeralds
  • Heavy Worship, The Great Commission, 4.5 Emeralds
  • Give Me Rest, Hands, 4.25 Emeralds
  • God Is Able (Live), Hillsong Live, 4.25 Emeralds
  • You Got My Attention, Dara Maclean, 4.5 Emeralds
  • Time And Space, Miss Angie, 4.5 Emeralds
  • Broken Voice, My Epic, 4.5 Emeralds
  • Come Down O Love Divine, Fernando Ortega, 4.5 Emeralds
  • To Those Perishing, A Past Unknown, 4.25 Emeralds
  • The God Machine, Phinehas, 4.5 Emeralds
  • I'm All In, Robert Pierre, 4.25 Emeralds
  • Let it Rain: The Best of Pocket Full of Rocks, Pocket Full of Rocks, 4.25 Emeralds
  • 10,000 Reasons, Matt Redman, 4.25 Emeralds
  • These Simple Truths (Deluxe Edition), Sidewalk Prophets, 4.25 Emeralds
  • Promises, Richard Smallwood, 4.25 Emeralds
  • Beautiful Monster, This'l, 4 Emeralds
  • Holy Hip Hop, Volume 11, Various Artists, 4.5 Emeralds
That's it for July. It's kind of hard to believe, but in just a few short months I will be beginning the process to pick the seven final nominees in each category for the 2nd Platinum Vinyl Awards. Wow. I hope you stay with me through it all, tell your friends, and as always, I am Awaiting Your Reply.