Thursday, January 26, 2012

Maple Leaf Rock: A Night Beat Canadian Tribute

The CCM Industry, while extremely successful here in The States, is hardly a USA Centric institution. Sure, most of the music is homegrown, but there are plenty of bands from outside our borders. I think it proper to give some honor here to our International Music Scene, starting with our nearest neighbor, Canada.

One of the biggest known Canadian Rock bands in the CCM arena is Thousand Foot Krutch, affectionately known simply as TFK. While they burst onto the scene with Rawkfist, I think it is beyond debate that they reached Superstar Status with Welcome to the Masquerade. Here is the Official Video of Fire it Up from Live at the Masquerade, and album under considerations for this years Platinum Vinyl Awards

Next up I will stick with TFK, sort of. Trevor McNevan, TFK's frontman, formed a pop-rock side project known as FM Static. While there are no Official Videos for FM Static, we have an Official Lyric Video, sort of like a follow the bouncing ball thing, without the ball, of Last Train Home, from My Brain Says Stop but My Heart Says Go.

Switching to Rap. Canadian Rapper Chris Greenwood (aka Manafest) mixes his Rap with Driving Rock, and is good friends with Trevor McNevan of TFK, who appears in a number of his videos. This is the Video, which also features Trevor, of Renegade, from his 2010 Album The Chase.

Slowing Down just a bit, but not in the least any less crazy, we have the Ontario Based yet Calgary Flames loving Hawk Nelson, who think nothing of wearing a Heavy Metal Hairdo and Singing Don't Stop Believing by Journey. Their Latest album is Crazy Love, based on Francis Chan's book by the same name. This is the official Music Video for the song. I don't know if God's love is Crazy, but these guys definitely are.

Taking a Turn to Techno, and Canadian Songstress Lights. This one was tough and I decided to go double. First Up, Savior, from her debut release The Listening. Animators should love this video.

And finally, a more traditional Music Video from her latest release Siberia. This is Toes. Siberia is in the running for the 2012 Platinum Vinyl Awards in the Dance Electronica Techno Genre. Personally I think she's a lock, but I don't want to prejudge. There's nine months of entries to go.

I think I shall finish with lights. Oh Canada Indeed. I am Awaiting Your Reply.

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