Tuesday, January 17, 2012

If It Leads Me Back

There's a "flip side" to every album. Kids, ask your parents to explain that obscure musical reference. In the mp3 age there aren't even discs. Sides went away with CD's.

A few months ago an EP was released by Lindsay McCaul entitled If It Leads Me Back (It was in my August Rewind). The four song EP got 3.75 Emeralds, just out of the running.
Fast Forward five months. Deja Vu all over again. Lindsay has an album coming out Today with the same name. Things like this send one scrambling to check your notes.

The CD trumps the EP by 0.75 Emeralds. Yes, this one gets bumped up to 4.5 Emeralds. The entire EP is on the album, and is accompanied by seven new songs. My favorite right now is Where Do You Go  because of the orchestration. The title cut, which is saved for last, is also a favorite, because its slow, minimal accompaniment (only piano) highlights her voice. (A Trivial note: Though the EP was also entitled If it Leads Me Back, that song itself was not on the EP). The album is Pop, though Take My Hand is the obligatory CCM Modern Worship tune. It is also one of the more beautiful songs on the album, so don't despair.

As I was reviewing Rachel Chan's Debut I commented that there would be much better Pop releases this year. We Only had to wait one week to find one. This definitely indicates that, once again, we are off to the races in the pop genre. I am Ready. Sorry. What I am is Awaiting Your Reply.