Saturday, January 14, 2012

Oh Those "Crazy Love" Children

The 2012 Music Season begins, and first up out of the gate is Go by Rachel Chan. If the last name sounds familiar, it should. Rachel is the fifteen year old daughter of Crazy Love author Francis Chan. Never heard of Crazy Love. What? Next thing you're going to say is that you never heard of Hawk Nelson either.

Go is a straight ahead Sugar Pop album, but not as corn syrup as they go. As debut albums go, it is pretty good.

The album is pretty short as Cd's go. It clocks in at just over a half-hour. It's just her for vocals, unless you count her father's "Rap" on Prove it.

Right now my favorite is Show Me More, which is pretty much a Modern Worship/AC song, but it shows off her vocal ability the best. Her producers should steer her in this direction for future albums. Actually I like the AC tunes on this CD the best. Another good song is You Must Love Me, as is Still Singing.

If you're looking for teen pop about boys, zits and Twitter, that's the rest of the album. On the whole, I am going to give it a recommendation of 4 Emeralds. It's in the 2012 pool, but it's early, and there will be much better albums that will knock it out. It will probably stay in the Best New Artist pool though.

The first Review of 2012 is out. More will come. Until next time, I am Awaiting Your Reply.