Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Lessons from the Sporting World

I am not really much of a Sports Fan. Though the Boston area is home to five professional sports franchises, I only really keep tabs on two, and only one of the teams do I really root for. Locally, I only consider myself a Boston Bruins (Stanley Cup Champ) fan. I guess you could call me a fair weather playoff fan of the Celtics, Red Sox and Patriots. As to the Revolution (MLS), I don't know anyone who admits to being a fan. I usually only root for the Sox if they are in the playoffs or if they are playing a team that my MLB team (the Minnesota Twins -- This Year has got to be better!) is chasing or is being pursued by. The NHL and MLB get me through the year.

That's not saying that I don't find the other teams exciting. Take this past Sunday's AFC Championship. I turned on the radio to check on how they were doing. Ahead by 3 with the Ravens with the ball and the 2 minute warning. The Ravens were driving down the field with hardly any resistance by the Pats. An incomplete pass with seconds remaining set up 4th and 1. A Touchdown wins it for Baltimore, a Field Goal sends it to overtime, where anything can happen. I said this is it, they're going to go for it and the Pats are staying home. But they go for the "Safe" Play, a short yardage field goal, and this is what happens.

The lesson to be learned in all this. Go for the Kill. Not wanting to make everything political, but in war, it is either kill or be killed, and sports, especially football, is very warlike. When our President proposed a military honor for "restraint" the Political Pundits all joked that such an award would have to be posthumous, because the enemy would use the time to kill our soldier. Back to the game, if the situation were reversed, what would Tom Brady have done? I think he would have aired it out and let the chips fall where they may.

Nothing Risked, nothing gained.If the Ravens botch the clock and time runs out they lose. If they go for the TD and fail, they lose. If they miss the field goal they lose. If they make the field goal they go to overtime where they could win or lose. The only way they can be assured of going to the Super Bowl was to for for the TD and succeed. Risk it all to get the Reward. They went safe, and safety meant loss. It was fourth down. The Pats took over on downs and Brady took a knee.

A week ago one of my blogger friends wrote an excellent post about the Cost of Freedom. I don't want a world like her "safe playground". When all risk is removed, the joy of success is gone. There is only one way to be happy. Go For It. I am Awaiting Your Reply.