Sunday, January 1, 2012

Everything Old Is New Again

Happy New Year everyone. How time does fly. Just yesterday we were ringing out the year 20101 and today we get to ring in 2002.

No that isn't a typo. Confused? Let me explain. A big part of the NYE festivities is the ridiculous looking glasses industry. It seems everyone in Times Square wears these glasses made with the upcoming year.

The "noughts" were easy 2000 had three zeroes and everything up to 2009 had to zeroes in the center. 2010 only required a slight shift in the center of gravity.

2011 posed a problem. A 1 fit over the right eye. A cyclops solution (a oval 0 covering both eyes) was ignored in favor of an axis shift plus another added circle between the two ones, hence the year 20101. Since the problem will re-occur until 2020, a better solution would be needed.

For 2012 they turned to recycling their largest number of stored glasses. Those of 2002. (That was only 3 months removed from 9/11). The 2012 are obviously 2002 glasses with a small block added to the top and bottom of the second zero to make it look like a one. A cyclops 0 would work, but do they listen to me. Naah.

I guess it makes perfect sense. Everything is George Bush's fault anyway. Why not this too?

Oh well. Happy 2002 er 2012 from The Night Beat.