Thursday, December 29, 2011

2012 Wishlist: Dance

Taking a look ahead to 2012 in a genre most in the industry fear to tread. The most feared word in the Christian Dictionary (Actually, I think it has been deleted from most editions). The word is D-A-N-C-E. Yes Dance. As in Dance Music. Techno and Electronica included. I went to a Christian College in the Northeast. The top two sins were Dancing and going to the Movies. "Christian Dance" involves moving up and down and somewhat side to side without your feet actually coming unglued from the floor. Don't get me started on Christian Interpretive Dance. I think that's an Olympic sport. It's called Rhythmic Gymnastics-Ribbons.

I expect some new blood to show up in this category in 2012, mostly because some of the entrants have been on such a tear. It's not that they couldn't. Especially with techno, all you need is a synth and a recording device and you're off to the races.

It has been Two years since Stephen Petree came out with Weakness Makes You Beautiful, which was among the inaugural Dance nominees. While the album was good, it was also somewhat derivative, and it wasn't among my favorites. Besides, I was more of a fan of his Brother Chad Petree, who along with Jeremy Dawson formed Techno Group Cloud2Ground. Now that is on a wish list. But why not, we had reunion summer this year. Anyway, I think a return to the studio by Petree would be appreciated.

Also appreciated, but highly unlikely, would be another release by Beckah Shae. Life came out in 2010 and Destiny (A Perfect 5 Emerald Album) followed this year. It would be tough to think that something as epic as Destiny could be reached so quickly, so my prediction for ms. Shea would be a much deserved year off to recharge the batteries. Besides, she needs the energy to carry all the statuettes she will be hauling off at the Doves (Yeah, Right).

Another Christian "Dance Queen" that I do think will make a return in 2012 is Charmaine. She started out as backup Singer to Rebecca St. James before releasing a debut album "All about Jesus", way back in 2002. Completely reinventing herself for her Sophomore Release, Love Reality, which came out in 2010 along with the Radio Hit "Tokyo". I think most of the Christian Dance Fans are looking for a re-appearance this year.

I know they are looking for Group 1 Crew. The Dance Group (Some call them Hip Hop) took the inaugural PVA in Dance in 2010 and were silent this year. Now they say this band recently dropped a member and is now a duo, with Just Manwell Reyes and Blanca Reyes Callahan making up the Band (Pablo Villatoro being the one who left). They were a part of 2010's For Those Who Wait Tour and while I remember three people in G1C, only Manwell and Blanca did the singing. There was a drummer to provide a beat. But that was in 2010, and they say that Pablo left this year. So you can see why I am slightly confused. Either way, count me in on being one of those who would like to see another G1C release in 2012.

A Few final notes. Though she recently put out an EP, I think Dance/Pop/Rock artist Kerrie Roberts should be putting out a second full length release this year. Just a prediction. Since I am going out on a limb anyway, I think that Press Play will be taking the year off, with World Anthem having to suffice. And of course, though Queens Club made the nominees in 2010, they disbanded this year. They were a promising young band. Until next time, I am Awaiting Your Reply.