Monday, December 26, 2011

2012: A Nightbeat Wishlist

It's the last week of December. Soon 2011 will be history. While the Platinum Vinyl Award first round judging is under way and my best of 2011 is already out, there is still much one can hope for. We at The Night Beat are quite optimistic about the new year. Sure, there is the opportunity to fix things in November, but I happen to be speaking musically at the moment. 2012 marks the three year anniversary of the Platinum Vinyl Awards. The Pool of eligible entries has increased each year, and the early entries for the third award period seem to point toward the best year ever.

Though a few bands may be able to put out a new release every year (and mostly they are in the techno/dance genre), an every other year release schedule is more the norm. With that in mind, I am using the 1st PVA (2010) as my guide in this wish list. As always, I will progess by genre.

Children's Music

Except for Veggie Tales, this is really a hit or miss category. However, 2010 had 2 entries and 2011 (in progress) has 5. I am holding out hope for 7 full eligible entries in 2012.

Folk/Folk Rock Music

On to folk music, another genre which is quickly gaining steam. Five entries in 2010 became nine this year. I am looking for a big jump in this category in 2012.

During her "Christian Era", Jennifer Knapp put out three studio albums in fairly short succession (1997, 2000, 2001), and then, except for a live album which was released in 2006, she dropped out of sight. She emerged from "retirement" in 2010 with her first studio release in NINE YEARS, entitled Letting Go. There was no evidence of rust with this release. While  the title may have referred to her break with the Christian Music Industry, astute CCM fans found nothing objectionable in the lyrics (Note to Christians: The word HELL is all over the Bible). Though ignored by the industry, she was not ignored at The Night Beat. Letting Go split the Inaugural Platinum Vinyl Award Best Folk/Folk Rock album with the more traditional Carolina Story.

As to the aforementioned Carolina Story. When The River Met the Sea was a breakout album for Husband Wife duo Ben and Emily Roberts. With songs such as "Long Way South" and "The Apple. This undiscovered gem cruised to a split category win. 2011 has them back at work again with their sophomore CD entitled simply Home. Upon first listen it is more Country than Folk. I will see if I can make room for it in the entries for the Third PVA's.

One more entrant to comment on. Andrew Peterson, the CCM industry answer to Paul Simon, was a strong contender in 2010 with Counting Stars. In 2011 he is making another strong statement with the live album Above these City Lights. Will he reappear in 2012 with a new studio release? I think so.

That will finish my first 2012 look ahead. Until next time. I am Awaiting Your Reply