Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Night Beat Christmas, Part One

The Christmas Season is officially here, and in honor of that, I think it proper to spend a few posts sharing some wonderful Christmas Videos. Of course what would Christmas be without Mannheim and TSO, but we shall wait for those in due course.

We will begin with a home video version of Jingle Bells by two lovely ladies from New Mexico by the name of Poema.

Next up we shall rock out with the Almost and The Little Drummer Boy
Time to get a little animated. Animation that is. Here is the Sleigh Ride Video from the slightly demented Relient K
Forget What I said about Relient K. I think someone spiked Tenth Avenue North's eggnog. This is a Totally Demented version of Deck the Halls
I think that is enough for one post. We shall continue with the Night Beat Christmas Video Show throughout the week as I find them. A Merry Christmas To All and A Blessed 2012 from The Night Beat.