Monday, December 12, 2011

How many bureaucrat's does it take to change a lightbulb?

Sorry, I don't know the punchline on that one, though I'm sure it's more than one, especially if it's a Curly Fry. You need an entire hazmat team for that one. If you check out my profile on Twitter you will see that I refer to myself as a Lincoln/Reagan Republican. That is a clue that I am no RINO (Try Collins/Snow Republican, or McCain/Graham Republican). As it stands I am convinced that the answer to any problem is Let the Private Sector do it. That includes EVERYTHING.

A case in point. A new project has been underway here in town for about three months. It has oodles of Government Names attached to a sign and is funded by a HUD Grant. It is a parking lot. Before the project it was: A PARKING LOT. All they needed to do was repave and add lights. Three months and counting. Your tax dollars at work.

To a business, and there are several that abut this municipal parking lot, time is money. One of the businesses offered to pay for the lot themselves, but the town, always looking out for the little guy, said, no need, we'll handle it. Did I mention that it's three months and counting? If this was a private lot. It would have been done in a day. Two tops. As I said, time is money.

The previous rant has been brought to you by The Night Beat. And the slowdown in the CCM recording industry. Of course I have been checking out things as I find them. I was quite impressed with Chevelle's latest Hats off to the Bull. I think I can safely give it 5 Emeralds. Thanks for staying with me. As always, I am Awaiting Your Reply.