Saturday, January 28, 2012

Siberian Summer: 2012 PVA 1st Qtr - Modern Worship

A little bit of a breather here. There were only four entries here. A nice pace, but while I crowed over four four Gospel, in the Modern Worship Genre it's kind of slow.

Two Churches and Two Solo artists made contributions. We'll start with the Churches. Pavilion Towers, a church in Metro-Detroit, released Crisis Worship back in October and got a Respectable 4.25 Emeralds. This is an up an coming MW Church and we shall see how things go as they release more material. It is a promising start.

From the newbie to the Veteran. Gateway Church of Southlake, TX, home to Worship Leader Kari Jobe released an EP in November entitled Great Great God. It also received 4.25 Emeralds. Speaking of Kari Jobe, she released a Solo CD entitled Where I Found You this Tuesday. More on that release as I check it out.

As to the solo artists, we have a newbie/veteran mix this quarter as well. The newbie is Keith Elgin. While the EP is his second release, he is barely on the radar among the Modern Worship circle. Fully in the Circle is Phil Wickham and Response. Both artists released their discs in October, and at the time, both received a respectable 4.5 Emeralds. Wickham also had a Christmas Release, but I wasn't impressed with that one. Just by way of note, for you already know Christmas releases aren't considered for a PVA.

That's it for Modern Worship. We will continue with the first Quarter rollout as well as continue the judging for the Second Annual Platinum Vinyl Awards. The Temperature May be Cold, but things are Heating Up at The Night Beat. Until Next time, I am Awaiting Your Reply.