Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Welcome Jackie Evancho Fans

Sometimes you just stumble into things. Yesterday I posted my rewind for June, and little did I know what awaited me. While today will be a little light, mainly because I forgot my notes, yesterday was quite a day. Logging in I discovered I had picked up 196 new visitors because of my June Rewind post. All I can say is thank you JackieJunkies! Blog.

I think that my time as a DJ has given me the ability to recognize talent. I mean, you listen to enough music and you can pick out things that the average listener never will. From the reputed 8 octave voice of Greg X. Volz, to the operatic range of Sandi Patty, certain voices rise above the fray. The downside in this modern age is two-fold. First, with an abundance of shows out there (American Idol, The Voice, America's Got Talent, etc) who knows how long America's "fascination" (and I mean that in a good way) with Jackie Evancho will last. It could be infinitessimally short. That would be a shame. This in turn would lead to the second pitfall. She would either be persuaded to get all she can upfront and cash out, say, by the time she's fifteen, or, for the sake of logevity, abandon "opera" for pop music. That would expose her to a bigger audienc, but the reason people initially loved her ("the voice") would be gone. Both should be avoided. All the J.E. fan has to do is look at the case of Katy Hudson (aka Katy Perry). If you check out her self-titled (as Hudson) release, you will hear a mature sounding, resonant voiced teenager. Katy Perry? Lots of success, but I think the term pop princess and all it entails describes her perfectly. The resonant voice is gone, the common pop-shrill replaced it. A shame. Gospel or Mainstream has nothing to do with it. She changed her voice for success. I would advise Jackie Evancho not to do the same.

I could rant on that for a while, but I will refrain. All I will say is check out my two previous posts for more on that with Brought To You By the Letter K and One Girl named Katy, Take Two.

Well, the second year of the Night Beat is off to a roaring start. I'm ready, and thanks for making it fun. As always, I am Awaiting Your Reply.