Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Night Beat Rewind: June 2011

It feels good to finally get caught up. Now I can get on to the third quarter Platinum Vinyl Award eligibility. I would like to thank the Christian Music industry for shutting down releases during the 4th of July and making this easy. Actually, they did shut down, but I'm sure they didn't have me in mind when they did.

We will stick with the two list method this time around because, well, it seems to work for me. First up are the releases that failed to make the grade. Basically that is anything under 4 Emeralds, so don't despair. We've got to draw the line somewhere or else we don't have an awards ceremony, we have pee-wee soccer. (You know, everybody wins, everybody is special, that kind of stuff.)

Non PVA Eligible Releases, June 2011
Platinum Praise 2012It was a short list this time around, and I like that. Nobody likes it when you have to say no, but such is life. This time the exclusions were easy. Maranatha Praise Band kind of set themselves up for a fall here. Maybe some of the individual praise songs went platinum, but the album...Not so much. Let's go with aluminum and be done with it. (I was going to say tin but that would be cruel). Casey Darnell is good, not great, and modern worship is a really crowded field. It was last year.
The toughest call was Relient K. Maybe it was just the word Karaoke that set me off. Maybe it's just that five guys should never be caught dead singing "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun". Now this is no slam on Cindi Lauper. Personally, in the battle of 1980's Pop Queens, I take her over Madonna any day. (Probably puts me in the minority, but I'm used to that. Never thought Madonna could sing).

Enough of the 80's Music Commentary. Time to get down to business.

PVA Eligible Releases, June 2011
Where to begin this time around? Let's start with a pleasant surprise. Jackie Evancho really wasn't on my radar until it showed up on a list of Christian releases. I hadn't heard any buzz about it being a Christian Album, and the cover showed a little girl. Then I listened to the album. There is a reason that it's the only 5 Emerald release on this list. It's that good. Now I don't know the lifespan of an Operatic Soprano, but, considering She is only ELEVEN YEARS OLD!!!, I would think that she's got a few decades before someone else comes along. It's got to be less cutthroat than pop.

Shonlock. I had heard the name but never listened to the music. I must say I am impressed. This is some smooth R&B, mixed with some awesome hip-hop, and even a little Krunk thrown in for the Family Force Five Fans out there. A must buy. (And please, buy it here through the link to Amazon. The night beat thanks you.)

Any fan of the Newsboys will not be disappointed with On Fire. In fact, Peter Furler's solo may make you more bummed out that he left the band. To each his own. I kind of like the DC Talk sound now that Michael Tait took over.

There. I did it. I'm caught up, except for a few releases in July. As always, I am Awaiting Your Reply.

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