Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I'll Pick Even...And Odd

Never Odd Or EvenNever Odd Or Even, the the palindromic titled fifth release by Hip Hop/Rap/R&B artist Shonlock (aka Deshon Bullock) is a CD which would be just as comfortable to be heard in the home, car or the Dance Floor.

While some will criticize the ever present use of auto-tune, which is common for those bands or artists in the Dance/Techno genre, the songs on the CD swing between rock, R&B, Pop, and Dance. Having this many genres share space on a single disc, especially one that is not a multiple artist compilation, can usually come of as lacking direction (for an example of such an album, I would point out Israel Houghton Love God. Love People. I know, it won a Grammy. It was still terribly uneven in my opinion). I always welcome comments to the contrary, or, maybe you agree.

After repeated listenings, I am starting to like the ultra-smooth R&B ballads You Act Like and Cheers as well as the Title Cut . Fans of Family Force Five will love Bet Ya House. He barely restrains the rock in Scarred. Shonlock expertly moves back and forth between the various styles, creating the feel of a unified theme. It is a mark of a mature artist.

My final rating on Never Odd Or Even? I give it 4.5 Emeralds. This should stand up in the Dance Category and probably in the Gospel/R&B category as well. This CD will be among your favorites this year as well, whether played forward or backward.