Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Greatest Christian Albums Ever?, Part Four

We are now at day four of the Greatest Christian Albums Ever, as determined by CCM Magazine a decade ago. We begin today at number 70 on the list.

The 100 Greatest Albums in Christian Music, 2001
We'll start off right at the top this time. I can't really argue with any of the ones here (Well I can always gripe about stuff like 4HIM, and I don't know Bob Bennett), but you can always argue rank.

Going PublicWe'll start with the Newsboys. I must admit to be somewhat ignorant regarding the bands early works. I have heard a lot of the songs, but not as to complete albums. I came in to their orbit with Take Me To Your Leader and Step Up to the Microphone. Suffice it to say that a band of their talent deserves to be on this list, but there could probably be more selections on it. I am more partial toThrive. Needless to say, the band has talent, both natural and passed down. I don't think all former frontman Peter Furler got from Mylon LeFevre was his daughter Summer. I think the former Mylon LeFevre and Broken Heart frontman passed on a treasure trove of advice, which the band used to great advantage. That reminds me, where is Broken Heart in the Top 100?

Iona: The Book Of KellsSame rationale for IONA. This band is one of the great British Invasions (the other was The Beatles). Like the Newsboys my biggest problem isn't that TBOK isn't on this list but it's that it is the Only IONA selection. This group has put out consistently awesome material. I really love Beyond These Shores but that can hardly be a favorite. This is one of those groups that really can't put out a stinker album. They are like the Brandon Ebel of bands. Open Sky is also a winner. Enough Said.

Lie Down in the GrassThere is no true student of CCM who does not recognize the contributions of both Charlie Peacock and Phil Keaggy to the industry. Both are accomplished guitarists, though Keaggy much more so and for much longer, while Peacock, though a great musician, has become much more famous as a Producer. Peacock (his real name Charles Ashworth) recently hosted the release party of his latest protege, Nathan Tasker with a webcast from his studios courtesy of

Alarma! (Limited Edition of the 1981 Album w/ Three Bonus Tracks)Finally, a word regarding Daniel Amos, they have two selections alone in this list, and they are worthy. Again, Pioneers should be recognized. Though because of my DJ day's I am more a fan of Vox Humana. They started in the Jesus Music days and were mentioned in the Stanley-Livingston skit from Servant's Jungle Music. (Stanley "I lost the Daniel Amos in the River. It was a pity." Livingston "How Alarming"). I think when most people get name dropped in another album, it's fair to say they have arrived. Until Tomorrow. Awaiting Your Reply.

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