Friday, June 17, 2011

The Greatest Christian Albums Ever?, Part Six

We are on the downside of the list now

The Greatest Christian Albums Ever, 2001
There are some truisms in the Music world. There are Record Companies that seem to have the Midas Touch (Tooth and Nail, for ex), and there are also Producers. I am glad to see some people recognized for all of their talents, both in front of and behind the microphone.

In The Light (Love Life Album Version)Case in point Charlie Peacock. Both Immigrant's Daughter and Out of the Grey are Peacock produced, as well as some more recent faves of the Night Beat Does Barton Hollow by the Civil Wars ring a bell? or how about Contact, by The Benjamin Gate, or Fireflies and Songs by Sara Groves. I think you get my point. The man is a genius.

Immigrants DaughterAs to the two Peacock produced albums on this list, let's just say that as to Becker, I was more a fan of her music, when she had, according to CCM Magazine, "her stint in the late-'80's as a pioneering rock chick", then I was of her "multifaceted pop reincarnations in the '90's". Hey, I'm a rocker. I have gotten into the harder stuff as I have aged. I am all in favor of FFR, which is the more politically correct term these days. Servant, Fireflight, Iona, Sixpence NTR, Evolett, Evanescescence. You get the drift.

Diamond DaysAs to the second album, I didn't pick up Out Of The Grey at the Start. I picked up a cassette of Diamond Days back in the day at a local Christian Bookstore. It was a heavenly pop album, especially with Christine Dente's vocals. And you gotta love that cover. While this was a short lived band, the light burned bright and fast. Any of OOG's releases are worth your effort.

As to the rest of the list. Keith Green was a CCM Pioneer who had a sharp wit as well as great musical skills. So You Wanna Go Back to Egypt was on heavy rotation back at WENC. ("Eating Leeks and Garlic by the Nile, Ooh the Breath but Dining out in style"). I am sure that CCM's Clown Prince Steve Taylor grew up on Keith Green's Music. U2 Was the Crossover Band of the 80's. I had a friend by the name of Lenny Rideout who brought in a bunch of the bands music into the station. It was great spiritual music and sparked a debate as to what was "Christian" enough for Christian Music. Brings to mind some recent debates as to Creed, Evanescence, or The Civil Wars.

Dancing In The Dragon's Jaws (Deluxe Edition)This brings up my final point, Bruce Cockburn (pronounced Co-Burn). He has two albums on the list even though as they say "Stark imagery, profanity, leftist political values and a more obscure expression of faith would challenge Christian fans". As they say, "When you open a door, don't complain if I decide to dive a Semi straight through it."  For more than that, you'll have to stay tuned when I put out my own list, which will include some releases after 2001. Until then, I am Awaiting Your Reply.

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