Monday, June 13, 2011

The Greatest Christian Albums Ever? Part Two

We return to our list of the 100 Best Christian Albums Ever, as determined by CCM Magazine in 2001.

The 100 Best Christian Albums Ever, 2001

"To Hell" With the List

To Hell With the DevilPart two drove me to Amazon for more than just links. I have to confess, I had no idea who Jon Gibson is, and While I know who Cindy Morgan is, I think I need a refresher. I know I am going to stir up a hornets nest, and it's just the same kind of reaction I have to C&W, but Sandi Patty? Seriously? Now when I'm in a moody mood I can stand the 77's. Some would say they are a tad depressing, again I'll get a refresher if I can find it. Let's just say I'm more familiar with A Golden Field of Radioactive Crows, and Drowning With The Land In Sight.

The Album that Shocked Christian Radio

Since I am a rocker at heart, and I have been getting harder as I've been getting older (I prefer to think my tastes are Improving with age), my biggest gripe is that To Hell With The Devil is only number 88. Arguably it is the best of the Old Stryper albums, and the Title track alone was enough to send the administration at my Boston area Christian College into a conniption fit, which was all the more reason to have it on regular rotation. Like Awaiting Your Reply by Rez, it should bein the Top 50.

Hopefully I opened a hornets nest by Picking on Sandi Patty. That was the intent. Just trying to stir up a little interactive conversation. Awaiting Your Reply in the comments.

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