Saturday, July 9, 2011

Night Beat Rewind: May 2011

Things are a bit backlogged at the offices of The Night Beat, as the title of this post reveals. Here it is July, and I'm doing the May rewind. Partly technical issues and partly staffing problems (one man job) are the reasons. We should be up to speed soon.

I'm going to try something new with this edition of Night Beat Rewind. Instead of putting out one long list of all the releases, I am going to split the list into two. First the also rans will be listed, and then we shall list the Platinum Vinyl Award eligible releases for the month. This will allow the reader to quickly scan the cream of the crop as well as the releases that he can avoid or (if he chooses) take a chance on.

Truer Living With A Youthful VengeanceClose, but No Nomination
Now I want to remind you that there is nothing wrong with 3.5 or 3.75 Emeralds. Using the typical star rating system of 5 stars, some might generously label them 4 of 5. These may not be Grammy Worthy, but most people would find them quite enjoyable. They are Just Not the Cream of the Crop.

Can't Shut UpThe Cream Also Rises
(D) Indicates either a True Debut (First record ever), Full Length Debut (Previously only released an EP) or a Major Label Debut (previously independent). Eligible for Best New Artist in the Platinum Vinyl Awards. Check out these May releases. You'll be glad you did. As always, I am Awaiting Your Reply.

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