Monday, July 18, 2011

The Heat is On: PVA 2011 3rd Qtr Nominees - Hard Rock and Hip Hop

We continue with the Third Quarter nominations for the 2nd Annual Platinum Vinyl Awards, continuing this time with Hip Hop and Rap and Hard Rock. Usually these two categories can be relied upon to produce quite a few entries in any given quarter. Surprisingly though, each only gave us four entries this time around.

Hip Hop & Rap

As I said above, there were only four eligible entries in Hip Hop and Rap. Not surprisingly, they were from some of the leaders in the genre.
  • Live In Concert, Manafest
  • Hotdoggin, Playdough
  • Never Odd Or EvenNever odd or Even, Shonlock
  • Blacklight, Tedashii
Playdough is a new one to me, but you've got to have an artist willing to name himself after a moldable clay, at least that's what I think he is naming himself for. With the Hip Hop Community, you just never know. Of the four entries this quarter I confess to be most knowledgeable about Tedashii, and I can thank the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association for that. For those not in the know, the BGEA and Franklin Graham sponsored Rock The River in Canada at the end of Summer last year, and Tedashii was at 2 of the Three Events. Now You Know. As to Shonlock, read more later in the post.

Hard Rock

Another short list this time around, but, with the exception of August Burns Red, there weren't any leaders in this group.
  • Leveler (Deluxe Edition) [+Digital Booklet]Leveler, August Burns Red
  • Before There Was, The Chariot
  • Dissimulation, Hope for the Dying
  • Ark of the Covenant, Separation
This quarter I didn't get to hear any of these in their entirety with the exception of Shonlock. I did manage to get a review of Never odd or Even in. Once again I would like to thank the staff of New Release Tuesday for keeping the album preview up for Three Straight Weeks. I really do love you guys.

That finishes the first four categories. Technically we are half way done with the quarter, seeing that Folk/Folk Rock had no entries this time around. Up next is Gospel/R&B. As I say now at the end of every post, I am Awaiting Your Reply.