Thursday, July 28, 2011

Lonely No More

I was reading the paper the other day, actually just looking for Sports and Comics (It was the Boston Globe), when I came across a small obituary for Dan Peek. Now most people know him as one of the founders of the band America (Lonely People, Horse with no name). I doubt there are many who would know that he left the band in 1977 to pursue Christian Music. Back when Fox25 Boston was owned by The Christian Broadcasting Network they had a Music/Concert/Video Show called "The Ross Bagley Show". His video/performance of "All Things Are Possible" (this would have been in 1979) is still in my memory. Boy his voice went up high. Not Greg Volz High, but at least hair band high.

The Bible says we should live until we are satisfied. The Seventy or eighty years only applied to Israel in the Wilderness (they had to die off and their Children enter the land). God's standard is 120 years (Genesis 6). By that standard Dan missed middle age. We were robbed. I guess right now we are the Lonely People.

I was surprised that the Contrapuntist didn't break this story early. At least for bloggers, I think I got the scoop. Woo-Hoo.
Dan Peek, Christian Rocker and Founder of Band America Passes Away at 60, Christian News