Thursday, July 21, 2011

Reunion Summer

This year is turning out to be quite interesting if, like me, you kind of miss some of the "old" bands or artists. I'm speaking figuratively guys, you're only as old as you think.

First Came The Legends. This Year the Cornerstone Festival had a Jesus Rally. Present were the Legends of Rock. I have usually never wished that I was in Illinois in the Summer. This year was different

Jesus Music Rally

Thursday June 30, 2011

3:00 PM - Servant

3:50 PM - Barry McGuire

4:55 PM - Daniel Amos

5:50 PM - Randy Stonehill

6:50 PM - E Band

8:00 PM - Resurrection Band (REZ)

9:15 PM - Phil Keaggy

10:15 PM - Classic Petra

To a lot of Christian Music enthusiasts, this was a dream matchup. I mean what was there to complain about. O.K. "Hey, How come REZ got the most time of all of them (technically it's their festival), but apart from that. Of course shortly before news of this rally we heard that Petra was reorganizing under it's classic lineup, and things have gotten better since then. Sweet Comfort Band is getting reconstituted and recording again. Grammatrain, a band which announced they were breaking up the first (and Only) time I saw them in concert, recorded a new album, which you can hear on their site. According to Time and Space the first release from Miss Angie in a dozen years. (Triumphantine dropped back in 1999) will release next Tuesday. I am psyched.

The track listing:
  1. Time and Space (feat. The Identity Crisis)
  2. Letting Go (to your love)
  3. Great is Your Salvation
  4. I Dare Myself
  5. Intermission (make the connect)
  6. Lovestealer
  7. Oh Daddy
  8. Wanting My Heart
  9. Hear My Prayer
  10. Not Enough
  11. Not Enough (Remix by Paradoxx)
You can listen to Time and Space, as well as Great is Your Salvation, I Dare Myself, Lovestealer, and Wanting My Heart, in their entirety on her official site. That's half the album folks. I would love to be able to get my hands on a full copy so I can make a review, but based on the five songs available, Fans of the first two albums will not be disappointed. There is just enough "space-pop" to satisfy, and it is combined with a now much matured voice. This is her best work yet, and I will give it a preliminary 4.5 Emeralds. Welcome back Miss Angie.

Finally, we have Burlap to Cashmere, which released their last Album Anybody Out There? back in 1998. Their self-titled release which came out this past Tuesday, is available to listen to in its entirety though After listening, I would hope you would return to the site and support the night beat by buying through this site. I hope to have a full review up on the site soon.

That will do it for now. As Always, I am Awaiting Your Reply.