Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Nathan Tasker Comes Home

Of all the categories in the typical music award show, the category that has the least interest to me is that of Male Vocalist of the Year. It could be simply that I'm a guy, but I tend to be more interested in the Female Vocalist and the Group Awards. Even as creator of the Platinum Vinyl Awards, I had given serious thought to not including a Male Vocalist Award. But, in the spirit of stretching ones boundaries, I decided to include it. (Note I said stretching, not retching, which is how I would feel if I had included Southern Gospel or Country. That's not gonna happen).

Most of the music world was debating whether Brandon Heath or Chris August was the Male Vocalist of the Year. In my opinion neither was. Now, because of release schedules, the subject of this post wasn't eligible for the Dove awarded last month, but next time around I think Heath and August should be looking over their shoulders. Nathan Tasker is a newcomer from The Land Down Under (that's Australia for those of you in Rio Linda), and his latest release, entitled Home, releases today. I say latest release, because, while most of us in the USA will think this is a debut, this will actually be his fifth album, the other four being A Look Inside (2003), Must be Me (2005), Prone to Wander: The Hymn Project (2007), and the Christmas Release A Star. A Stable. A Savior (2009). Now that's according to Wikipedia, mind you, but I notice that none of them are on Amazon.

Tasker is a fresh voice, and is most assuredly in the Pop genre. The first single off the CD should be Love is the Compass , which gets the album off to a rousing start. At times, his voice reminds me of Randy Stonehill, which for you young kids, is a good thing.

Another Christian Music Legend, Charlie Peacock, will host "An Evening with Nathan Tasker" release party. Scheduled to appear, apart from Tasker (of course), are Bebo Norman, Keith Getty, and my Personal fave, Plumb (a.k.a. Tiffany Arbuckle Lee). You can read about it at  Jesusfreakhideout.com which will have a live stream of the event beginning at 8 pm EDT. They will also conduct a live chat of the event simultaneously with the stream via Twitter.

I'm giving the CD 4.5 Emeralds, which will put it into the mix for Pop album of the Year for 2011. I will also say he will be up for New Artist, and Male Vocalist in the 2011 Platinum Vinyl Awards. Nathan Tasker is a fresh voice in a stale field, and there is no lack of direction in the album, spiritually or otherwise. Welcome Home.