Saturday, September 25, 2010

Brought to you by the Letter K

Pop Culture is not something that I usually concern myself with.  I can already hear you cry in protest. "But you're a DJ, isn't that all you're concerned with?" Not really.  A DJ is concerned with music, and, sadly, when you're a DJ who specializes in CCM, you find out that there is very little in CCM that ever makes its way into what passes for Pop Culture. Unless there's a scandal of course.  There have been plenty of them, and I don't have the time to cover them in detail, but a short list includes Leslie Phillips, Amy Grant, Sandi Patti, Evanescence, and Jennifer Knapp among others. Let's just say, in the Culture Wars, most Christian casualties tend to come from friendly fire.
Yesterday, thanks to You Tube and talk radio, a pop culture scandal has erupted involving of all things, Sesame Street and a former CCM Rocker by the name of Katy Hudson.
Name not ringing any bells? After Ms. Hudson left CCM and went into the mainstream, she recorded music under the name Katy Perry. Now you know. Anyway in 2001 as a 16/17 year old blond haired PK she recoded a self titled Christian Rock CD with Red Hill Records, which unfortunately failed that same year, but not before I bought the CD.  Inspired by the moment I pulled the CD and popped it into my laptop.  Katy had a hand in co-writing most of the songs and was the sole writer on four tracks.  It was a Debut CD, so it isn't perfect, very few are.  It is still a good CD and she has a very mature deep sounding voice. If I had the Platinum Vinyl Awards then it would probably get a Best New Artist PVA, but little else. It is just a good album, but not spectacular.

As to Katy Perry Now, she, apart from being a gorgeous 25 year old brunette, is a K.O.O.K.  It's not a comment on her sanity, it's my acronym meaning Kicked Out Of the Kingdom, referring to the CCM Penchant for launching a witch hunt on anyone who falls from perfection (note Jennifer Knapp and Evanescence for recent examples.)  In Katy's situation it doesn't appear she was kicked but ran screaming in terror out of the Kingdom.

Finally, in regard to Sesame Street, which I grew up on.  At the time I did there was no Elmo, and no musical guests that I remember.  I watched the video, and while her dress may have been a bit to revealing for Children's Television, it was tame by Univision daytime standards.  (by some sinister conspiracy it's the only OTA DTV signal I can get in my area.)

Sesame Street shares some blame for the incident.  If I were in the CTN, unless these things are planned way in advance, I don't think I would have picked her to be on the show in the first place.  Before the MTV Music Video Awards where she was to perform California Gurls with Snoop Dog she was reported to have said she would be performing the song in the nude.  I can't believe the Sesame Street people missed that.

After hearing the song and video, regardless of spirituality, I like the Old Katy Hudson and her mature deep voice.  The High Pitched techno dance queen Katy Perry is nothing special.  Sesame Street could have done much better, maybe even Britney Spears.

The Scandalous Video is below: