Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Primary Night

Polls close here in the Bay State in a few moments and, if we can produce a result in November similar to the Brown victory at the start of the year, we may be able to bring our State and the Country back from the brink.  I have read various partisan dems say how they are happy with the direction the country is going and prefer to "keep it in D for Drive."  To reply in kind I may say that if you are going along the road and see the bridge is out, it's time to put it in R for reverse. My highly unscientific study, which consisted of going to vote this morning, was that there was no one there but I, and I voted Republican.

To borrow a cliche from the First Lady, For the first time in my political life, I am proud of my home state.  On my ballot there was at least a candidate to vote for in all but one office, and two offices (auditor and U.S. House) actually had a contested Republican Primary. If you know anything about Massachusetts, you know that qualifies as a miracle.  Two of those offices have write in candidates, however, and they need to meet a vote threshold to get on the ballot in November.  I hope that happens, because no elected official, whatever party they may be in, should ever get by unopposed.
I have often thought that there should be a Democracy Project in place where if after the time for nominations has passed, an elected official is unopposed even in their own party, that official would be forced to resign immediately and the seat would be open for all except that official, who would be banned from seeking office for at least that and one additional election cycle.  Would it ever get passed?  Most likely never, but if it did it would really shake thing up. For now I'll vote for real change, conservative change, and hope for the best.  We will remember in November.
UPDATE 9/18: Both write in sticker campaigns seem to have paid off and both Republicans will be on the ballot in November.  Looks like we have the opportunity to finally have meaningful change this election season, and not simply rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic, as is so often the case.