Monday, September 27, 2010

Walking on the Stars

Outta Space Love, the third full length release by Orlando, Florida based Group 1 Crew is a Dance House masterpiece. No Mickey Mouse effort here (sorry, couldn't resist), this album, unlike Chris Sligh (see my review of Anatomy of Broken) passes the Road Trip Test with flying colors. One caveat though, maybe you should put the car on Cruise Control first.  Constant tapping of the accelerator could get you in trouble.
If buyers of G1C's music think that this album seems a little familiar, you're right. Five of the albums twelve tracks were on Spacebound this Summer's 5 song EP, which was intended to keep you happy until the full album was ready to drop. I gave Spacebound a The Best So Far Nomination for the first half of 2010 for the first annual Platinum Vinyl Awards in the Category Dance/Electronica/Techno. You can see the other nominees here. Sadly, with the release of Outta Space Love, I will be dropping Spacebound from PVA Consideration.  With 5 songs from the EP and 7 others that more than hold their own, it only makes sense for OSL to be the G1C nominee this time.

The Track Listing:
  1. Live it Up (SB)
  2. Need Your Love
  3. Walking on the Stars (SB)
  4. Let's Go (feat. TobyMac)
  5. Lean On Me
  6. Beautiful (SB)
  7. Transcend
  8. Outta Space Love
  9. Please Don't Let Me Go
  10. Wait
  11. Breakdown (SB)
  12. Manipulation (SB)
(SB) Indicates selection also on Spacebound EP

After repeated listens, I have decided on a few favorites.  My favorite happens to be the Anthem about God's Love Please Don't Let me go.  Tied for first is the Classic Hip-Hop-Doo-Wop song Wait.  It's a hoot.  And yes, people did sing like that once.  I also like Walking on the Stars and Transcend, which seems to have a Black Eyed Peas feel to it.

I am giving Outta Space Love by Group 1 Crew a 4.5 Emerald Rating, guaranteeing a spot in this years Platinum Vinyl Awards.  Outta Space Love is Outta Sight.

Update: 01/11/11: As of today Outta Space Love was included among the Final 7 Platinum Vinyl Awards for dance. You can view the posting here.