Monday, September 20, 2010

More than Amazing Guitar

I love guitars.  It's not my favorite rock instrument, that would be the synthesizer, but it's a close second. A well executed guitar solo is a thing of beauty.  My introduction to Christian Music years ago came via Phil Keaggy, guitarist par excellence.  One of my criticisms of modern rock, both in CCM and in the mainstream, is a fear of all things instrumental.  Maybe it's the ego of the vocalist, but not every second of the song has to be filled with vocals.
By way of example, one of my favorite songs of all time, Sodom, by Swedish Heavy Metal band Jerusalem, is over twelve minutes in length, but over half of it is instrumental metal.
Real Life, the seventh full length CD by Bayside Church worship pastor Lincoln Brewster, is full of great guitar solos among its ten songs.  Best Days, Reaching For You, So Good, I Belong to You and Shout For Joy have excellent guitar work.  That's half the album, folks.
The Track Listing:
  1. Best Days
  2. Reaching For You
  3. More Than Amazing
  4. Real Life
  5. So Good
  6. I Belong to You
  7. Whom Shall I Fear (Featuring Kari Jobe)
  8. Loved By You
  9. Made For More
  10. Shout For Joy
For my initial quick hit via Twitter (you can follow me at @WENCDJ) I said he had a unmemorable voice more than made up by great guitar work.  By unmemorable, I don't mean bad, I just mean he sounds like a lot of other people.  I referenced John Cooper of Skillet and Mac Powell of Third Day by way of comparison.  You easily recognize them by their voice.  Even Kari Jobe, who accompanies him on Whom Shall I Fear.  While I initially blanked on her name, I immediately knew who it was.
Real Life, which releases September 28, is a good modern worship album, though some might find it a tad hard for their taste.  As a guitar rock album, it is great.  I'm giving it 4.5 Emeralds, and it should be a strong contender for the Platinum Vinyls this year.  Don't be fooled by imitations, only real life will do.