Friday, April 4, 2014

MVM Special Edition: Dance-Synthpop Video Nominees

We are approaching the half way point in our announcement of the nominees for the Video Portion of this years Platinum Vinyl Awards. This is the only section I will do in full on the blog. For song, album and the general field I will only hit the high points in blog posts and will refer you all to the announcement page when it is up.

And the nominees for the 4th Platinum Vinyl Awards in the Category Dance-Synthpop Video of The Year are: 

Battery, +V ROSE 

Gold, +Britt NicoleGOLD 
I Don't Deserve You, +Paul van Dyk feat Plumb
Solar System Remix, +Har Megiddo feat Michael Ketterer 
WHTVR, Allistair
Next up is the other half of the synthetic contingent. Electronic-Industrial. Until next time, I am Awaiting Your Comments.