Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Polar Vortex Polka: The 2014 2nd Quarter - Electronic Folk Children

I decided to have a little fun announcing the pool entries for the Winter. I really hated this past Winter and am really happy that Spring is here. So I have combined strong dislikes. Next to Country and Southern Gospel, it is a toss up, but the Polka has to be the worst form of music known to mankind. I'm Polish so I know of what I speak. I would consign all three to the pit if I ruled the world, and the world would be greatly improved just by that move.

As always, we begin by combining the orphan genres. Those that don't have enough entries to merit a post of their own. Dance-Synthpop had no entries.

Children's Music

  • Shout Praises Kids - We Belong To Jesus

Folk/Folk Rock

  • David Ian - Valentine's Day
  • Charlie Peacock - Lemonade
  • Papa San - One Blood


  • Satellites and Sirens - One Noise
That is it for this post. I know some of you are saying. There is no Folk Music here, just Jazz and Reggae. Folk is my catch all genre where I put Jazz, Reggae, a lot of ethnic sounds except for Gospel, plus folk. At least until I get enough entries to create a genre all its own on a consistent basis.