Saturday, April 19, 2014

Polar Vortex Polka: The 2014 2nd Quarter - Gospel

This will be my last post before Easter. The true Gospel genre (that southern hooey is not welcome here) put out a respectable 7 entries, good enough to represent an entire genre if this were the finals.


  • Erica Campbell - Help
  • Latice Crawford - Latice Crawford
  • James Fortune and FIYA -Live Through It
  • Christon Gray - School of Roses
  • Israel and New Breed - Playlist: The Very Best of Israel
  • Canton Jones - Lust, Drugs and Gospel
  • J Moss - The Very Best of J Moss
All of the entries except Christon Gray are gospel (Christon's is most definitely R&B), and CJ moved within genres on LDG. A little rap, a little gospel, and a little R&B. A very enjoyable album. On Tuesday we shall move on to Alternative. Until then I am Awaiting Your Reply.