Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Polar Vortex Polka: The 2014 2nd Quarter - Remix Pop

We move on to our second of three multiple genre posts. This time we have Pop Music and the new genre Remixes. There are enough Remix albums out there now to merit a full genre, though not enough each quarter to have its own post. Both of these genres contributed four entries apiece.

Pop Music

  • Anthem Lights - You Have My Heart
  • Jamie Grace - Ready To Fly
  • Lights of Day - Lights of Day
  • Loftland - I Don't Want to Dance


  • Capital Kings - Remixed EP
  • Jars of Clay - Inlandia: The Remix Collection EP
  • Jesus Culture - Jesus Culture Reconstructed, Volume 1 
  • David Thulin - Reconstruction 2.1
That concludes our second of three multiple genre postings of the second quarter releases that made the pool. Next up is our final installment with Rap and Metal.