Tuesday, April 1, 2014

MVM Special Edition: Adult Contemporary Video Nominees

It's that time again, ladies and gentlemen. The time when we begin our announcement of the NOMINEES for the 4th Platinum Vinyl Awards. This is no joke, despite the day. If we were a big time operation we would have CCM and Fringe and GRAC stars read the nominees on network television in the morning, and everything would be glam and glory. Instead, you have me. We will make the announcements in various ways through this blog, and on the Night Beat Social Media Network which includes, at present Google+, Facebook, and Twitter. You really should follow me on all three.

The easiest nominations for the blog is always the Video Awards, now in its second year. To get a nominee a Video has to be good as a video, not just to have something filmed to music. We begin with the nominees for Adult Contemporary/Inspirational Video of The Year. The votes determining the nominees have been cast and have been certified by the law firm of Youppi, Snoopy and Cow, pc. And the nominees are:

A City On A Hill, +The City Harmonic 
Love Does, +Brandon Heath  
Promises, +Sanctus Real 
Sing of Your Glory, +Bebo Norman 
Swallow The Ocean, Newsong

Our next set of nominees is for Alternative Video of The Year. Stay tuned right here. I would like to make this interactive, so please use the comments to cast your vote on the best one. I am Awaiting Your Reply.