Saturday, April 7, 2012

Lawdy, Lawdy, That's a fine looking Vespa

Actually its Vesper. Unlike the Italian scooter, The Vespers are a Folk/Bluegrass/Americana group from Tennessee. Now your intrepid blogger is not opposed to Folk, just country, and to some that is a very fine line, but I walk it.

Now some would say that I have already stumbled into country with my appreciation for The Civil Wars, but they call themselves folk and I accept it. On the other hand, the girls of Point of Grace now trigger my gag reflex, as they are full on y'all country (Christmas Music excepted for some reason). Of Course Folk Rock is always a staple of mine (Thank You J Knapp). Talent can always overcome my bias, of course. A case in point would be Dennis Agajanian. Technically he could be Country, but you've got to admire a person who can pick a guitar as fast as he can. That kind of talent transcends genre.

The Fourth Wall is the second album by the Brother-Sister Folk act. Actually two brothers Bruno and Taylor Jones, and two sisters, Callie and Phoebe Cryar (I wonder if they are related to Morgan Cryar). Oh, they write all their own songs (only Grinnin In Your Face isn't written by them).

They first single released was Better Now, which was based on the Man Born Blind. I knew right then that this was something special. Last year I locked on to The Civil Wars as a genre defining release in the Folk Category. This time I think it definitely is The Vespers. If you like Banjo Pickin, try Will You Love Me, Rock out to Got No Friends and Close My Eyes. There is something for everyone here. Even a simple piano tune like Winter. Don't take my word for it. I would like to thank Soundcloud for the opportunity to provide the music to listen to before you buy. This marks a new Era in Night Beat History.

If you have decided that you enjoy the music of The Vespers as much as I do, I would ask that you click on the links and help support The Night Beat while you do. I am giving The Fourth Wall an excellent 4.75 Emerald rating, making it the one to beat this year in Folk. Lawdy what an album. Until next time, I am Awaiting Your Reply.